No Shame Theatre - Western Mass.

Holyoke, Massachusetts

(est. 2012)


No Shame Theatre
starts February 27th
every 3rd Monday
@ 7:00 p.m.

(sign ups @ 5:30 p.m.)

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"At No Shame, anything can happen, and usually does... It's a place where you can take risks... A place where fear of failure will NOT keep you from trying to succeed."

There are only 3 rules to No Shame:
1.Pieces must be Original(But they can be anything you want)

2. Pieces must be 5 minutes or less. No exceptions

3. Pieces must not break any rules, laws or hurt anyone or the space.

Bring your original 5 minute skit with enough copies for the actors you need plus one!
The first 15 submissions will be used. Writers will have an hour and a half to cast and direct their pieces. Actors are welcome to come and participate. You will be cast on a first come first serve basis. Whether you act, write, or just want to watch, ALL are welcome!

No Shame Calendar

FPA 111/113 - Blackbox Theater
Holyoke Community College
303 Homestead Ave.

No Shame Script Library
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How to find the:
Warehouse Theatre

(37 Augusta Street)

For more information about No Shame Theatre in Lynchburg
contact: Ryan Vella at