No Shame Theatre Archives (2003-2004)

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No Shame Staff - Fall 2003
Trent Westbrook

Every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m., TDU (Taylor Down Under) Stage

Wednesday, October 15th, 2003 - [TDU Stage]
First No Shame at JMU
1. Heather Flemming - Phoenix Burns up in Flames... - [Monologue]
2. Todd Ristau - No Shame Piece For Erin Quinn - [Monologue] FAK
3. Joseph Fridly - Life at a Standstill Lemon Curry - [2 Poems]
4. Kimberly Masters- Interpretive Dance, to the song "Thriller"
5. Vail Thach - First Boy I Cried Over - [Monologue]
6. Brian Bowes- 3 Joke Rap Songs - [rap]
7. Trent Westbrook- Right now, Nothing [Scene]
8 Todd Ristau - Ex-Prize Fighter [Monologue] FAK
Stage Manager: Vail
House Manager: Trent
Lights/Sound: Heather

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003 - [TDU Stage]
1. Trent Westbrook - What Remains - [Monologue]
2. Joseph Fridley- Poem, The Nice Guy - [Poem]
3. Heather Flemming- Why 'Kill Bill' Sucks - [Commentary]
4. Joseph Fridley - The McDonald Monologue - [Monologue]
5. Vail Thach - I Count Him Thrice - [Monologue]
6 James Brown - Aw Shit! My Libido Done Got the Best of Me! [Scene] FAK
7. Brian Bowes - A Single Man Rap-off [Joke Rap]
Stage Manager: Vail
House Manager: Trent
Lights/Sound: Heather

photos Wednesday, October 29th, 2003 - [TDU Stage]
1. Heather Flemming - Leathe - [Monologue]
2. Joseph Fridley- One Fucked up Dream - [Monologue]
3. Trent Westbrook- Future Imperfect III - [Monologue]
4. Vail Thach - Recipe for Big Sky - [Monologue]
5. Joseph Fridley - Kind Words - [Poem]
6 John Kriebel - Lady Torture Blah Elementary Kid - [2 Poems]
7. Lee Moyer - Day Trip to Guam - [Adress] FAK
8. Philip Bowling - Shadow of a Man - [Song]
9. Alex Cimino - Hurt - [Poem]
10. Joseph Fridley - Stupid & Annoying Sketch [Sketch]
Stage Manager: Vail
House Manager: Trent
Lights/Sound: Heather

Wednesday, November 5th, 2003 - [TDU Stage]
1. Heather Flemming - Broken - [Monologue]
2. . Trent Westbrook- From Invitation to the Game - [Poem]
3. Trent Westbrook- Future Imperfect IV - [Scene]
4. Kristin Von Kundra - Melinda - [Monologue]
5. Heather Flemming - A Rereading of Heather's Broken - [Monologue]
6. Kristin Von Kundra - Sober Social - [Monologue]
Stage Manager: Vail
House Manager: Trent
Lights/Sound: Heather
Not to sure on the correct order, and there is some information missing, fill in what you can.
photos Wednesday, November 12th, 2003 - [TDU Stage]
1) Fleming, Heather- Sominiphobia- Don't Let the Dream End. . . -scene
2) Fridley, Joseph- Car Show, Gang War -improv. story
3) Von Kundra, Kristin- Helen -monologue
4) Sprole, Samantha- Even Satan -scene
5) Fridley, Joseph- The Trap -improv. story
6) Thach, Vail- Writers Block -scene
7) Westbrook, Trent- The Big Job -scene
8) Park, Andy- Men and Their Condems -commentary and poem
9) Von Kundra, Kristin- The Smile Game -monologue
10) Fridley, Joseph- Uncertainty -improv. story

photos Wednesday, November 19th, 2003 - [TDU Stage]
Von Kundra, Kristin- Untitled monologue
Westbrook, Trent- A Few Short Poems poems
Fleming, Heather- Untitled Monologue mono
Fridley, Joseph- Little Bastards improvisational monologue
Cherkezian, Stephanie- Centaurs poem
Von Kundra, Kristin- The Adventures of Zip & Nell scene
Fridley, Joseph- Random Crap Part I improvisational monologue
Thach, Vail- Things to Do monologue
Fridley, Joseph- One Second improvisational monologue
Park, Andy- Fallacies of the Fallacies monologue with a song
Westbrook, Trent- I Have a Ghost monologue
Fridley, Joseph- We Had To improvisational monologue

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