No Shame Theatre

Eugene, Oregon

(est. 2009)

The Order


No Shame Eugene Performances
First Friday
of every month
8:00 PM

sign in & music:
7:30 PM
at the
The Atrium
10th and Olive


No Shame Eugene Workshops

Thursday nights
7:30 PM

The New Zone Gallery
164 W. Broadway

No Shame Message Center
The following sites are independently-operated message boards and fan boards hosting unrestricted discussions related to No Shame Theatre.

One theater. Five minutes. Three Rules:
1. All pieces must be original.
2. No breaking anything, including the law.
3. All pieces must be five minutes or less.
Singing, dancing, skits, experimental; welcoming pros and no-talent hacks alike.

No Shame Calendar

The Atrium
99 W. 10th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon

No Shame Script Library
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How to find the:
Warehouse Theatre

(37 Augusta Street)

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