No Shame Theatre Archives (1993-94)

Webmaster's note: I have no information at all about No Shame Chicago, except the dates of my own pieces. If you have ANY thing to fill in the gaps, please let me know. --Jeff.

Archivist's note: Dates in [brackets] are possible Monday performances of No Shame, however, we have no other information about these dates at this time, which in some cases may mean that there was not a performance. (This is especially true at the beginning and end of semesters, since the starting / ending dates of No Shame changes from year to year).

Author(s) - Title - (Performers, if known)

  1. Numbered entries indicate the piece's position in the order.


Friday, October 4, 1993
first No Shame in Chicago
emcee: Mark Johnson
1) Jeff Goode - Thompson Davis and the Programmable Theatre - (Jeff Goode, Mark Johnson) [performed before the reading of the order]
4) Jeff Goode - the Stockhausen monologue - (Jeff Goode)

Monday, October 11, 1993
emcee: Jeff Goode
2) Max Baker - Create A Faith

Monday, October 18, 1993

[Monday, October 25, 1993]

Monday, November 1, 1993

[Monday, November 8, 1993]

Monday, November 15, 1993

Monday, November 22, 1993
5) Jeff Goode - Cupid - (Jeff Goode)
[this was the fifth (and final) piece of the night]

Monday, November 29, 1993
[Because of Thanksgiving, there were only 6 people in attendance at this performance (Oliver Oertel, Meghan Schumacher, Bruce Vieira, Inger Hatlen, John Kaufmann, Jeff Goode), and only 3 pieces. We probably wouldn't have bothered doing a show, but John Kaufmann was visiting from Seattle, and he even had a piece, so what the heck.]
  1. Jeff Goode - Hollywood - (Jeff Goode)
  2. John Kaufmann - [title unknown] - (John Kaufmann)
  3. Jeff Goode - Blitzen - (Jeff Goode)

Monday, December 6, 1993
1) Jeff Goode - Hollywood - (Jeff Goode)

Monday, December 13, 1993
3) Jeff Goode - Blitzen - (Inger Hatlen)
4) Jeff Goode - Comet - (Jeff Goode)

No Shame went on hiatus for Christmas, but I don't recall exactly when they started back up again.


[These are a few pieces that I remember seeing at No Shame in Chicago that fall]



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