an Eyewitness Account

Short story:

In Chicago - one of the most depressing days I ever had - I decided I needed to see some theater. Sifting through listings I saw this group called No Shame Theatre - so I went. I found these incredible actors and writers who got together to work on stuff. Writers brought pieces and actors who showed up performed them- and they made a weekly show of it.

For about 60 straight weeks after that I wrote a new piece and had it performed. Some people used it to work on larger pieces. I saw about 6 fully completed shows put up after they were worked out at No Shame. It originated at the Univeristy of Iowa, where it is still huge. In Chicago it never got huge (though I did use my newspaper contacts and wrote a story about it for the Tribune).

It was inspiring and helped me get back into a groove.

---Jeff Favre
(jeff @ the house)