Photo Album

December 19, 2003
[Photos mostly by Jane. Captions by Trent.]
Alexander and Cory comandeering the sound booth
We got No Shame confused with WWF for a minute.
I dont know who he is, but this guy came to the show.
Clinton lays down the law, eg. the rules. and the order as well
Two out of Three people agree, this joke was funny.
Clinton wants you to take drugs.
Side Effects, sans drummer.
Phaedron reading a poem
Side Effects, Annalise on the guitar
Trent talked on the phone, shopped, and read the bible on stage.
Clinton and the yellow zig-zag.
Me, Being happy.
Jane= not a gnome, and she took most of these wonderful pictures
Gathering the order.
The marqee in front of the new LiveArts building.

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