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October 24, 2003
Last show at the Lab ... goodbye 609 East Market. The first all-flashlight No Shame -- picture it pitch black, with lights coming from flash lights in the audience or on stage.
The Lab, stripped down, from the bar.
The Lab, stripped down, facing the bar.
Our old home with no floor, no risers, no curtains, no lights, no seats ... but No Shame happens, anyway.
Pre-show lighting -- a lamp. And we did scrounge up a few chairs.
Flashlight NS audience: Phaedron, Tim, Trent, Samantha, Cory, Cory's dad (back row)
Trent introduces the show.
Phaedron performs Instructions on the King.
Cory performs Gypsy Bird.
Phaedron performs No Shame, No Pain.
Samantha performs an untitled song.
Trent and Tim perform Last Call.
Audience perspective on Last Call.
Clinton performs a monologue about looking for a lost ring on a beach at night .. with a flashlight!!
This philosophy was revealed when the floor came up at the Lab.

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