Photo Album

February 28 & March 1, 2002 - Best of No Shame II
[Photos by Annaliese Moyer © 2002]
Clinton and Todd with a door prize
Sean Nitchman "Angry Suburban Poet"
Sherwood Ross--Nightmare Room
Justin Wolf--Smoocher
Trent Westbrook--Time Served
Erin Fleck---Caffeine
Todd Ristau and Greg Hays in Puberty Shriek, the salt episode
Clinton Johnston
KT--Everybody's Screamin' on This Winter's Night
Trent Westbrook
Lee Moyer and Greg Hays--Bluebird
No Shame Performers and Audience Members
The Tucker Duncan Experience (The Belly Poem)
Tucker and Todd (The Belly Poem)
Sean Nitchman, Discount Bob
No Shame Audience--Note David Gothard in back row

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