No Shame Theatre Archives (2003-2004)

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Author(s) - Title (Performers, if known)

Board of Directors for Spring 2004
Luke Pingel
Jesse Wozniak
Andy Schroeder
Sarah West
Tim Pieper


poster poster Friday, January 16, 2004 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
First No Shame of the New Year!
Announcements: Tim Pieper
Order: Jesse Wozniak

1. Jess Wozniak - All Right, Bitches, Get on Your Bitch Ass Knees, Because Here Comes Jesse Wozniak. Rock God!

2. Jeff Johnson - Title Salute to Timmy Pieper: A Collection of Short Works
3. James Erwin - The Golem Song
4. Ben Layne - 53,760
5. Tim Pieper - Building a Better Society Through Corporate Contracts
6. Tara Hill - Fear and Poetry
7. Tim Boucher - Wide Awake
8. Katrina - Blood of Christ
9. Q - Abstraction Goes Full Circle
10. Andy Schroeder - Scrotum Busters, LTD
11. Luke Pingel - Norwegian Dessert; To Johnny Cash

Friday, January 30, 2004 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

NOTICE: No Shame will start at 10:30 p.m on the 30th.

PreShow Entertainment: The Stallin Grad Awesome Crew (Tim Boucher, Q, Tara, Tim Pieper)
Announcements: Q
Order: Andy

1) Jesse Wozniak - In All Honesty, Why I feel the Performing Arts Lack Significant Funding (or God, I'm so Fucking Cool)
2) Tara Hill - Fry
3) Judson Gruber with Punctuation by Tim Pieper - Wayne's Super Bowl Party and the Pants Incident
(Jud, TimP)
4) Nick Johnson - Part 1 of the Epic Trilogical Miniseries: The Pekinese Orangatan
(Nick, other type folk)
5) Tim Boucher - Wiser
6) Andy Schroeder - Two Dummies; Wherein One of the Dummies Does The Trick
(Andy, Q, Tara)
7) Ron Sandvik - Buddy Buddy Buddy Buddy
(Ron, Luke)
7.5) Kate Fowler - Cabby
(Kate, special helper)
8) Cliff Blodget, Ryan Wickham, Jeff Johnson - Thick, Meaty, Why Can't Luke Pingel Be My Man
(Cliff, Ryan, Jeff)
9) Q - In Your Ear, Paulberry Schmeer
(Q, Koenigsmark, Testicles)
10) Luke Pingel - Four
11) Jeff Goode - Anger Box

Friday, February 13, 2004 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

annoucments by tim pieper
order by jessee wozniak

1: Q - perlude to the digeory-Q
2: jeff johnson - barcode
3: nick johnson - george bush's secret album project
4: andy schoeder, ryan W cliff B. - vages with badges: real life stories of female police officers on the beat
5: jesse wozniak - must be hard
6: brandon moe - public service announcment
7: michael william franz - i had a dream
8: tim pieper - saint augistine's ghastly fraternity desecration: the real story

Friday, February 27, 2004 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Jesse Wozniak
Order: Luke Pingel

1. Tim Pieper - Exclamation Point!
(Tim P, Woz, Andy S, Q)
2. Jeff Johnson - Excercise of Neo Modernism
(Jeff J)
3. Q - Mr. Smith Goes to Warshington
(Q, Luke P)
4. Todd Ristau - I Feel Fine
(David Myrick)
5. Jesse Wozniak - Part 1: The Beginning or To Be Continued
6. Andy Schroeder and Tim Pieper - The Vagina Monologues: The Fan Fiction: Tales From The Cunt
(Tim P, Andy S, Luke P)
7. Aaron Koenigsmark and JP Olsen - Jessica What?
(Aaron K, JP)
8. Luke Pingel - Chrysalis
(Luke P)

3/2/04-- Grant Tracey's story "Come On, You're Dead," which first was read at the CF No Shame Goes to War, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. For those of you unfamiliar with the Pushcart, its an annual "best of small presses" national publication, and a really big fucking deal. So if you see Grant on campus, give him a holler or a slap on the ass. He'll appreciate it.

Friday, March 26, 2004 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Andy
Order: Q

1. Jesse Wozniak - McJack Kerouak
2. Dave - Most Retarded Assinine Thing in the World
3. Andy Schroeder - Sex Making in O Minor
4. Benubi - For Carol
5. Aaron Konigsmark - Hair of the Dog
6. Brent Houck and Amy Smith - A Social Commentary of the Upper-Middle Class
7. Mr. Catfish - A Frieside Chat
8. Tim Pieper - Ruffled Feather

Friday, April 9, 2004 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
.5) Jesse Wozniak - Volume One of the Epic Trilogical Miniseries
1) Ben Cook-Feltz - Cantata Orgasmico in A Minor
2.5) Jeff Johnson - Three Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Poems
3) Luke Pingel - Just a Tingle From Mr. Pingel
3.5) Jesse Wozniak - Volume Two of the Epic Trilogical Miniseries
4) Andy Schroeder - If You've Got the Right Accent, It's ERECTION Day!
5) Jeff Johnson - 3:02 AM
5.5) Jesse Wozniak - Volume Three of the Epic Trilogical Miniseries
6) Q - Odin Wiggle Waggle
7) Jesse Wozniak - A Return to Political Soap Boxing By Way of Your Cherished Childhood Memories
7.5) Todd Ristau - I Was There a.k.a. Lisa
7.5.5) Jeff Johnson - Sundial on a Cloudy Day
8) Luke Pingel - Grandpa, Because I Don't Know What Else to Call You

Best of No Shame IV
Friday, April 23, 2004
- [CAC 108, Parliamentary Room]
at 10:30 p.m.
1. Tim Boucher - Cry: The Anthem (Tim B)
2. Andy Schroeder - The Mysterious Secrets of Plan B (Andy S, Q, Woz, Tim P, Luke P)
3. Ryan Wickham and Clifford Blodgett - The Bad Tour Guide (Ryan W, Cliff B, Jeff Johnson)
4. Jeff Goode - Anger Box (Luke P)
5. Tara Hill - Fry (Tara H)
6. Grant Tracey - Overtures (Grant T)
7. Jeff Lenhart - Robespierre (Jeff L, Luke P)
8. David Myrick and Crystal Schneider - Lingerie Model Period Colon Period Intro Period and Punctuation (David M, Crystal S, Audience)
9. Q - Mr. Apocalpse Goes to Warshington (Q, Luke P)
10. Ben Layne - 53,760 (Ben L)
11. Katrina Brocka - Blood of Christ (Katrina B)
12. Jeff Johnson - Back on Track, Beatin' the Flack, During the Day the Sky is Blue and At Night It's Dark (Jeff J)
13. Jesse Wozniak - McJack Kerouac (Woz)
14. Jud Gruber - An Entirely Fictitious Open Letter to the Elderly Russina Men Who Live Inside My Head and Argue About Chess: A Rock Opera (Jud G, Tim P)
15. Luke Pingel - Writing Laina (Luke P)
16. Tim Pieper - Ruffled Feathers (Tim P, Woz, Andy S, Q)

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