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Board of Directors for Fall 2004
Luke Pingel
Jesse Wozniak
Andy Schroeder
MyQue (Q) Franz
Tim Pieper


Friday, August 27, 2004 - [CAC, Room 108]
first No Shame of the semester Announcements: Andy Schroeder
Order: Luke Pingel
1. These Titties Are So Fake--by J-Wo, Rock God! (Jesse Wozniak)
2. Mullet Comeback?--by Dave Myrick (Dave M)
3. Prayer for the Lost Plus! A Shameless Plug For a Garage Sale--by Benubi (Benubi)
4. Fly Away--by Tim Boucher (Tim B)
5. Overlooked Statistic #1--by Anonomous Q Public (Sean Rehret)
6. Harry Potter and the Half-Breed Prince--by Andy Schroeder (Andy S)
7. Subha--by Luke Pingel (Luke P, J-Wo, Sara Gronstal)
8. Tim is Cool--by Tim Pieper (Tim P)
9. Old Testament Shit--by Jeff Johnson (Jeff J)
10. What's Your Deal?with Andy Schroeder (Andy S, Ryan Gutter)
11. A Return to Political Soapboxing by Way of Your Cherished Childhood Memories--by Jesse Wozniak (J-Wo, Tim P)
12. O Clitoris, My Clitoris--by Q (?)
13. So Bad--by Jeremy Wilson (Jeremy W)
14. Fruitz and Vegetablez--by Tara Hill (Tara H)
15. Do the Dolphin Dance!--by Luke Pingel (Luke P)

Friday, September 10, 2004 - [CAC, Room 108]

Announcements: Andy Schroeder
Order: Jesse Wozniak

1. Variations on Karl Marx' 13th Thesis on Feurbach--by Jesse Wozniak (J-Wo, Luke Pingel, Tim Pieper, ?)
2. Bullshit Slide Whistle Song--by The Super Helmer Brothers (David Helmer, Thomas Helmer)
3. Love--by Dave Myrick (Dave M)
4. A No Shame Tribute to 9/11--by Q (Benubi)
5. Harvest--by Tim Boucher (Tim B)
6. Invisible Letters--by Luke Pingel (Luke P)
7. Tim Pieper Presents Andy Schroeder's Review of the Show Thus Far--by Andy Schroeder (Tim P)
8. A Reception in the Cortright Family--by Joel Zummak (Joel Z)
9. Deathmaster 2000 Prays For Death--by Jason Nebergall (Andy S)
10. The Play is Called "Tuesday" and I'm Playing a Character, So None of These Beliefs or Opinions Are My Own--by Jesse Wozniak (J-Wo)
11. Leapfrog--by The Wonderground (Q, Tara Hill)
12. I Love Words McGuffin--by Luke Pingel (Luke P, Sean Rehret, Tim P)

Friday, September 24, 2004 - [CAC, Room 108]
The Greatest Show of All Time

Announcements: Luke Pingel
Order: Q

1. The Greatest Song of All Time--by Tim Boucher (Tim B)
2. Revelations: Part 1 of the Greatest Trilogy of All Time Called Revelations, Part 1--by Luke Pingel (Luke P, Andy Schroeder)
3. You Wanted the Greatest of All Time? Too Fucking Bad--by zDevE (Q)
4. Jesus Fucking Christ: The Greatest Christ of All Time--by Sean Rehret (Sean R, ?)
5. Revelations: Part 2 of the Greatest Trilogy of All Time Called Revelations, Part 2--by Luke Pingel (Luke P, Andy S)
6. The Greatest Example of Theatre of Cruelty of All Time--by Tara Hill (Tara H)
7. No One Likes Q That Much...of All Time--by Tim Pieper (Tim P, Q, Luke P)
8. The Greatest Juggling Act of All Time. No, Seriously--by Laura Ernst (Laura E)
9. The Greatest Joke of All Time--by Dave Myrick (Dave M)
10. Revelations: The Conclusion of the Greatest...Aw, Fuck It--by Luke Pingel (Luke P, Andy S)
11. The All Time Greatest Comedy Skit of All Time--by Jason Nebergall (Andy S, Tim P, Luke P)

Friday, October 8, 2004 - [CAC, Room 108]

Anouncements: J to the Wizzo
Order: Puke-ass Tingle

1. How it Is--Jeremy Wilson
2. Homophobic Andy Schroder--Jason Nebergall
3. Sorry?--Dave
4. Night Stand--Lukocs Pingelle
5. Applause--Audience
6. 321 Boom!--Jesse Wozniak
7. Random--Laura Ernst
8. Hackey Sack--Ben, Adam, Marcus featuring Tim Boucher
9. Journey--Nick Johnson
10. Tailspin--Tim Boucher
11. My Shitty Half-Baked Web Blog Rantings Will Effect the Outcome of This Election--Andy Schroeder
12. Rope--Alot of people
13. Perverse--Luke Pingel

Friday, October 22, 2004 - [CAC, Room 108]

Announcements: Luke Pingel
Order: Tim Pieper

1. I Love My Mom--by James Erwin (Sarah Reinhardt)
2. Benubi No Like Titles!--by Benubi (Benubi)
3. On the Dock--by Luke Pingel (Luke P)
4. It's Numerology, Baby!--by Tim Pieper (Tim P, Sarah R, Benubi, Luke P, David Helmer, Bryant Duffy, Jeremy Wilson, others)
5. The Big Dave--by David Helmer (David H)
6. Dance, Dance, Dance the Night Away--by Smelly Old Luke (Luke P, Tim P)
7. Something Completely Random, Part 2--by Laura Ernst and Nick Johnson (Entire Audience)
8. I, Luke Pingel, Vow to Not Write a Political Sketch This Week--by Luke Pingel (Luke P)

Friday, November 5, 2004 - [CAC, Room 108]

Announcements: Jesse Wozniak
Order: Andy Schroeder

1. Conceptual and Theatre Art--by Jason Nebergall (Andy S)
2. In Spite of Not Wanting to Say Too Much, Nor Point the Finger--by Adam Vandehaar (Adam V)
3. Who Wants to See Lower Case q--by Q (many audience members)
4. What's Your Deal--With Andrew Schroeder (Andy S, Lance ?)
5. After Marrying Off Yet Another High School Buddy--by Luke Pingel (Luke P)
6. Sold and Gone--by Mark Becker (Mark B)
7. Give me that Ol' Timey Religion (or Fun with Terminal Diseases!)--by Jesus Christ with Jesse Wozniak (Woz, Luke P, Sarah Reinhart, Sara Gronstal)
8. Sediment/Elegy--by Adam Vandehaar (Adam V)
9. An Open Letter to Other Fat Chicks--by Sara Gronstal (Sara G)
10. Kids-a-Poppin--by Tim Pieper (Woz)
11. The Martyr--by Luke Pingel (Luke P)

Friday, November 19, 2004 - [CAC, Room 108]

Announcements: Q
Order: Jesse Wozniak

1. The Entire 2004 Election in Under 60 Seconds--by Jesse Wozniak (Woz)
2. The Joke--by Jordan Dean (Jordan D)
3. Suck on This--by ZdEve (Q)
4. Look Mom, No Hands--by Laura Ernst (Laura E)
5. I Think We Have it Covered--by Nick Johnson (Nick Johnson, many others)
6. Brave New Future--by Mark Becker (Mark B)
7. You Really Look Cute Today, Lindsay--by Luke Pingel (Luke P)
8. Q-Bot Goes Down--by Q (Q)
9. Nicholas Cage is a No Talent Penismonkey--by Howard Zimmerle (Joel Zummak, Q)
10. Hi, I'm Jesse, Queer to the Superstars (Woz, Michaela Ring, Allison Corbet, Tim Pieper, Luke Pingel)
11. My Grandpa is Gayer Than Your Grandpa--by Tim Pieper (Tim P, Q, Luke P, Woz, Laura E)

Friday, December 3, 2004 - [CAC, Room 108]

Announcements: Luke Pingel
Order: Andy Schroeder

1. Cheeks Are Cold--by Dan Haugen (Dan H)
2. Thirsty Luke Pingel--by Andy Schroeder (Luke P)
3. Poem #1--by Tom Thomas (Tom Tom)
4. To Elizabeth, Queen of the Crocodile Pants--by Joel Zummak (Jay-Z)
5. A Public Service Announcement--by Sean Rehret (Sean R)
6. My Grandma Wants to Know How You Tie Your Shoes, Fat Man (Christmas Remix)--by Sara Gronstal (Sara G)
7. Grandma's Matzo Ball Soup--by Stacey Palevsky (Stacey P)
8. Poem #2--by Tom Thomas (Tom Tom)
9. It's Christmas Time in Hollis Queens--by Tim Pieper (Tim P, Woz, Sarah Reinhardt)
10. What is funny? A guide to comical writing--by Jesse Wozniak (Woz)
11. The Bunny Rabbit Show--by Luke Pingel (Andy S, Luke P, Tim P)

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