No Shame Theatre Archives (2002-2003)

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Author(s) - Title (Performers, if known)

Board of Directors for Spring 2003
Luke Pingel
Neil Van Gorder
Jesse Wozniak
Jeff Lenhart
Josh Goodrich - head of publicity


Friday, January 17th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
first No Shame of the semester
Announcements: Luke Pingel
Order: Jeff Lenhart

1. Josh Goodrich - From the Guy Who Had Nothing to do With "A Beautiful Mind" or "Lord of the Rings" Comes Goody's Weekend News

(Josh G, Jade Bettin, Janie Flowers, Aaron DeJong, Jason Goedken)
2. Sarah West - High
(Sarah W)
3. Ben Walter - Lost Within
(Ben W)
4. Jeff Lenhart - Haunted by Smarty
(Jeff L, Q, Luke P)
5. Joel Zummak - The Eternal Struggle, or Pulled Out of My Ass Two Hours Ago
(Joel Z)
6. Andy Schroeder - Welcome Back, Cooter
(Andy S, Luke P, Jade B, Josh G)
7. Katie Johnson - The Easter Egg
(Katie J)
8. Q and Raa - Beat, Beat, Move the Feet
(Q, Raa, Joel Z, Steve Shelton, Ben Layne, Tom Fagerholm, Jeff Lenhart, Sarah Reinhart, Jason Goedken, Aaron DeJong, Some Dude With a Beret, and others)
9. Ben Powell - Listen to Music and Reading a Book
(Ben P)
10. Neil Van Gorder - Underwater
(Sarah R)
11. Luke Pingel - Agatha Christie
(Luke P, Andy S, Aaron D, Kristi 31, Jeff L)

No Shame Cedar Falls will be holding a special off-week performance during the American Collegiate Theatre Festival on January 24. The festival is being held on the UNI campus this year from the 21st to the 26th, and is expected to bring in over a thousand visitors. Big deal? Indeed!

Our performance will be held the night of the 24th at 11pm (note the special time) in the Strayer-Wood Theatre (note the special location).

For this show's magnified exposure, and since it is an extra performance held during the off-week, writers will be able to submit something that they have previously done that they would like to do again. THIS IS NOT A BEST OF! We will be accepting new subissions as they come as well, and nothing will be pre-selected by the No Shame Board.

Special ACTF No Shame
Friday, January 24th, 2003
- [Strayer-Wood Theatre]
11:00 p.m.

Announcements: Jeff Lenhart, Luke Pingel
Order: Neil Van Gorder
Dancers: Jesse Wozniak, Josh Goodrich
Stage Manager: Jade Bettin
Lights: Derek Easton
Sound: Pete Feltman

1. Sarah West - Mullet Man
(Sarah W)
2. Jeff Lenhart - The Little Titanic
(Jeff L)
3. Joel Zummak - The Voices in my Head
(Joel Z, Woz, Tim Pieper, Sean Rehret)
4. Q - Nazi Boots for Santa Claus
(Q, Steve Shelton, Pam DeYoung)
5. Josh Goodrich - Domino's Pizza Challenge
(Josh G, Pam D, Becca Wagoner, Linsey Schill, a streaker, ??)
6. Jeff Johnson - The Christmas Party
(Jeff J)
7. Howard Zimmerle and Jesse Wozniak - The New One
(Jesse Wozniak, Howard Zimmerle Tim Pieper, Elysia Hansel)
8. Pete Feltman - B.F. Skinner
(Pete F, Woz)
9. Tim Pieper - Fourth Grade Memory #27A (Part 2), Eighth grade Memory #6
(Tim P, Elysia H, Sean R, Judd)
10. Katie Johnson - Walt's Outhouse
(Katie J)
11. Katie F-S - A Poem
(Katie F-S)
12. Elysia Hansel - Pack Rats
(Elysia H)
13. Jason Nebergall and Andy Schroeder - Analysis of Social Boundaries Within the Paradigm of Small-Label Popular Recorded Music: A Discourse on Rock
(Andy S)
14. Neil Van Gorder - The Magnificent, Magnificent, Magnificent
15. Luke Pingel - Hardcore Henry Rollins Will Chew Off Your Testicles
(Luke P)

Friday, January 31st, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Jesse Wozniak
Order: Luke Pingel

1. Josh Goodrich - If I Had it My Way, There Would Be No Racism, No War in Iraq, and Instead of Ben Affleck, Richard Pryor Would Be Daredevil
(Josh G)
2. Jeff Lenhart - St. Charles VII
(Jeff L)
3. Joel Zummak - Give Me One Month and You Will Lose Your Mind
(Joel Z)
4. Poo - French's Mustard
5. the Repressionistic Cult of Barbara - To Who It May Concern
(Tim Pieper)
6. Katie Johnson - In the Way of Education: Something Completely Different
(Katie J)
7. Tim Pieper - Bright Blue Eyes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch
(Tim P)
8. Katie F-S - Two Poems
(Katie F-S)
9. Jeff Johnson - Character Study
(Jeff J)
10. Q - Jim the Fish That Meets the Porcelain Goddess
11. Ryan Toppin - Ranting of a Disturbed and Unfunny Man With a Big Head
(Ryan T, Luke P)
12. Jesse Wozniak - Possibly the Worst Play Ever
(Woz, Pam DeYoung)
13. Andy Schroeder and Luke Pingel - Cletus
(Luke P, Sarah Reinhart, Q, Andy S)

photos Friday, February 14th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Josh Goodrich
Order: Jeff Lenhart

1. Jeff Lenhart - What the...
(Jeff L.)
2. Andy Schroeder - Deus SEX! Machina
(Andy S.,Q)
3. Joel Zummack - A Steaming Pile Squeezed Out of My Ass Just Before I Left the House
(Joel Z.)
4. Josh Goodrich - The Return of Joey Flamingo
(Josh G., Katie J., Megan Schumacher, Derek Easton)
5. Katie Johnson - In the Way of Education: St. Valentine's Day
(Katie J)
6. Q - Q is One Hardcore Son-of-a-bitch
(Q, with special appearance by Ra)
7. Leo Morzenko - Goodies
(Leo M, Karle Meyers, BJ Endelman, Kyle Chizek)
8. Jesse Wozniak and Anton Nelson - An Analysis of the Social Boundaries of Exploratory Art, Done in Absentia
(Andy S, Ben Walters, Joel Zumack, Derek Easton)

Friday, February 28th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Jesse Wozniak
Order: Luke Pingel

1. Ryan Toppin - Piracy
(Ryan T)
2. Jesse Wozniak - An Account of a Fictional Story, Repeated Word for Word as it May Have Happened
3. Leo Morzenko - Hooray for Russian Cosmonauts!
(Leo M, Q, Andy Schroeder)
4. Pete Feltman - Drive Safely
(Pete F)
5. Shannon McCormick - Legless Cheetah
(Luke P)
6. Joel Zummak - Another Steaming Pile, or It's Really Short. Shoot Me
(Joel Z)
7. Andy Schroeder - A Public Service
(Andy S, Sean Rehret, Joel Z)
8. Q - Suicide Monologues, Part 1
9. Poo - A Treatise on Nakedness
10. Ryan Toppin and Poo - All Rights Reserved, All Wrongs Reversed
(Ryan T, Poo)
11. Luke Pingel - The Cedar Tree
(Luke P)

Friday, March 28th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Luke Pingel
Order: Jesse Wozniak

1. Q - The Suicide Monologues

2. Joel Zummak - Rich

(Joel Z)

3. Ben Kass - The Catch and Release

(Ben K)

4. Leo Morzenko - Space Life With Russian Cosmonauts

(Leo M, Andy Schroeder, Q, Katie Sue Nicklaus, Jess White, Josh Goodrich)

5. Andy Schroeder - Don't Let Your Meat Loaf

(Andy S, Leo M, Q, J.Wo., Josh G, Jeff Lenhart)

6. Nick Johnson - Yeah

(Nick J)

7. Jesse Wozniak - Rapoetry


7.5 Poo - Crying Over Some Sort of Milk


8. Jason Nebergall - I Like to Eat It

(Andy S)

9. Tara Hill - Giant Image

(Tara H, Sarah Rinehart, Sean Rehret)

10. Luke Pingel - Beginning Freedom Speaking

(Luke P)

11. Benubie - Untitled


12. Jesse Wozniak and Howard Zimmerle - Dissertation Redux

(J.Wo, Ben K, Mike Schminke, Luke P)

13. Elysia Hansel - The Solo Golden Shower

(Elysia H)

14. Half-Masted 3.2 - Freeze Tag

(Half-Masted 3.2)

15. Jeff Lenhart - A Bowl of Cheese Soup

(Joel Z, Luke P, Jeff L)

No Shame Goes To War
Friday, April 4th, 2003
- [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Luke Pingel
Order: Jesse Wozniak

1. Jeff Goode - Tangelo Alert
(Jeff Johnson, David Myrick)
2. Jesse Wozniak - What the Folk
3. Jennifer Massey - Blind Faith
(Sarah Rinehart)
4. Poo - The Adventures of Racial Slur Steve
(Poo, Ryan Toppin, Jeff Lenhart, Elysia Hansel)
5. Todd Ristau - A Higher Standard
(J-Wo, Jeff L)
6. Andy Schroeder - Raw is War!!
(Andy S, Luke P, Joel Zummak)
7. Joshua James - Diplomacy
(Luke P, Grant Tracey)
8. Ryan Toppin - Action Dave's Mobile Command Unit
(Ryan T)
9. Luke Pingel - The Cedar Tree
(Luke P)
10. Elysia Hansel - The Dreaded Dutch Oven
(Elysia H, ?)
11. Mike Rothschild - We Got The Bastard!
(Poo, Ryan T, Andy S, Joel Z)
12. Sarah West - Bush-Fucked
(Sarah W)
13. Jeff Goode - War is for Pussies
(J-Wo, Ashley Feht)
14. Ben Powell, Aaron DeYoung, and Aaron Hoose - Untitled #2
(Ben P, Aaron D, Aaron H)
15. Grant Tracey - Come On, You're Dead
(Grant T)
16. Jenny Yates - Bomb, Rock, Woman
(Sarah R, Elysia H)
17. Peter Ullian - The Dreams of Saddam Hussein
(Andy S)

Friday, April 11th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Luke Pingel
Order: Jesse Wozniak

1. Channel J - Passing Through
(Joel Zummak, Luke P, Woz, Andy Schroeder, Jeff Lenhart)
1.5 Jeff Lenhart - Fionna Apple
(Jeff L, Andy S)
2. The CF Soundstation - The CF Soundstation Presents the Unity Crew
(CF Soundstation)
3. Katie Johnson - The Swan
(Katie J)
4. Lewis Benedict - I Like to Beat It
(Lewis B)
5. Jeff Lenhart - Playing Football Around the Lake Tonight
(Jeff L)
6. Ivy Eye Ongay - The Pastry Chef Frntoh
(Matt Hart, Q)
7. Tim Pieper - I Will
(Tim P, Sean Rehret)
8. Andy Schroeder - Grand Theft Auto 3 Makes Andy Crash His Car Into Other Car
(Andy S)
9. Q - More Fun Than SARS, Less Fun Than WAIDS
(Q, Joel Z, Members of the CF Soundstation)
10. Matt Monfag - Sir Chan Destroy
(Matt Hart, Entire Audience)
11. Luke Pingel - Cherry Valance, Cremation, Conflict
(Luke P)
12. Jesse Wozniak - A Short Program on Black History Month
(Katie J, Tim P, Sean R, Woz)

poster Best of No Shame
Friday, April 25th, 2003
- [Strayer-Wood Theatre]
0. The CF Soundstation - The CF Soundstation Presents The Unity Crew
(CF Soundstation)

Order and Announcements: Luke Pingel, Josh Goodrich, Jesse Wozniak, Neil Van Gorder

1. Jeff Lenhart - The Coolest Squirrel in Bittle Bittle

(Jeff L, Luke P, Becca Wagoner, NVG, Q)
2. Tim Pieper - Fourth Grade Memory #27A (Part 2), Eighth Grade Memory #6
(TIm P, Woz, Elysia Hansel)
3. Jason Nebergall - I Like to Eat It
(Andy Schroeder)
4. Tara Hill - Giant Image
(Tara H, Luke P, Sarah Rinehart)
4.5 Clint Clark - Deer Impression
(Clint C)
5. Jeff Johnson - Character Study
(Jeff J)
6. Q - Jim the Fish That Meets the Porcelain Goddess
7. Elysia Hansel - Hypochondriac Season
(Elysia H)
8. Katie Johnson - In the Way of Education: Something Completely Different
(Katie J)
9. Mike Collet (as arranged by Jesse Wozniak) - Project Boy Band, or How Darren's Dance Grooves Saved My Life--a poem
(Mike C, Woz, Lindsay Schill, Tara H, Sarah R, Becca W)
10. Andy Schroeder - Welcome Back, Cooter
(Andy S, Luke P, Sarah R, Woz)
11. Pete Feltman - Drive Safely
(Pete F, Aaron Konigsmark)
12. Josh Goodrich - Joey Flamingo, Driver's Ed Instructor For Hire
(Josh G, Mike C)
13. Neil Van Gorder and Sarah Rinehart - Scene From the Region of Spain
(NVG, Sarah R, Woz, Tim P)
13.5 Clint Clark - Deer Finds a Mate
(Clint C, Q)
14. Jesse Wozniak - Procreative Adventures of Jim, The Laser Wart Removal Repair Technician
(Woz, Tim P, Becca W)
15. Luke Pingel - Agatha Christie
(Luke P, Tara H, Andy S, Woz, Josh G)
Stage Manager: Jade Bettin
Lights: Derek Easton

Honorable Mention: "The Patriots"--by Ashley Feht and Sarah West, "French's Mustard--by Poo


Summer Shame
Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
- [The Vibe Coffee House]
that's right kids. at 1030 wednesday the 16th at the vibe coffee house there will be the first of the year summer noshame. it'll be good like you know it should
1) CF Soundstation - The Pudding Pop Song
2) Jesse Wozniak - Waiter, there's a cook in my posse!
3) Jason Nebergall - Moon Mulligan Something
4) Joel Zummack - The Trip (Part One)
5) Elysia Hansel - i sat around da house
6) Andy Schroeder - True Film Facts
7) Q - the ballad of lucky the squrill
8) Tim Pieper - my Nightmare
9) Elysia - an effing PUPPET SHOW!
10) Michael Tabor - Real Slow In The Car
That's as best as I can remember the order, and most of the titles I just made up, though I believe I have captured the true essence of the acts. Q has the real order so perhaps one day Q will post that. Until then, review away, you fine 15-20 people who showed up, you!
Summer Shame
Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
- [The Vibe Coffee House]
If anyone has the orders for these, it is Q. ---Andy

Summer Shame
Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
- [The Vibe Coffee House]
andy shroeder might know where to find the order on the 20th ---Q

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