No Shame Theatre Archives (2003-2004)

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Author(s) - Title (Performers, if known)

Board of Directors for Fall 2003
Luke Pingel
Jesse Wozniak
Andy Schroeder
Sarah West
Tim Pieper


photos poster Friday, August 29th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
first No Shame of the semester

Intro: Luke
Order: Jesse

1) Tim Witta T - Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde-Gomez
2) Sarah West - The Every Other Weekly Top 10
3) Jeff Johnson - I'm Just Like That Dude In 'A Beautiful Mind,' But I'm Not a Whiny Bitch, and I Can Act
4) Q - Three Times The Q-ness...yeah
5) Dave and Crystal - Lingerie Model Period Colon Period Intro Period and Punctuation
6) Andy Schroeder - A UNI Religion Minor's Passion Play
7) Sarebear West - This Song is About Dinosaurs II
8) Joel Zummack - The Avenue
9) Benooby - The Name Game
10) Lindsey Schill, Jr. - Since I Can't Sing
11) Nick Johnson - If You Don't Understand Pig Latin, It's a Good Time to Go to the Bathroom
12) Jason Nebergall - This Skit Got Hips!
13) Ryan Wickham and Cliff Blodgett - The Bad Tour Guide
14) Luke Pingel - Upon the Arrival of the Girl with Cigarette Burns on Her Arms, Cleansing and Gahzal For Dixie
15) JWo - A Requium For The Children of Destiny

Friday, September 12th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Luke Pingel
Order: Andy Schroeder

1) Nick Johnson - A Children's Story
2) Joseph Greve - The Pleasure of Life
3) Jeff Johnson - The Johns
4) Cliff Blodsett, Jeff Johnson, and Ryan Wickham - The Really Deep Guy
5) Jesse Wozniak - Jesse's First Poem of The Night
6) Joel Zummak - Looking Up
7) Andy Schroeder - True Film Facts
8) Katrina - God Bless Adel
9) Tim Pieper - A Collection of Short Works by Tim Pieper
10) Benubi - Awareness
11) Crystal Grayle S. - April 5th 2003
12) Tom Willby - A Gentleman's Guide to Dynamite Fishing
13) Jesse Wozniak - Jesse's Second Poem of the Night
14) Michael Tabor - Real Slow in the Car
15) Bill - Untitled
16) Luke Pingel - Thunder Lizard!

Friday, September 26th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
Countdraculations to Q and Timmy for being well liked enough for Boarditude. Yes.

Announcements - Andy
Order - Jesse

1) Crystal Schneider - "I'm Real Holy"
1.5) Jesse Wozniak and Andy Schroeder - SupershadWo Strikes Back...Agayn
2) Jesse Wozniak - Fuck You, Audience
3) Sara West - Vaginas with Bazookas...KAPOW!!!* (or Pussy)
4) Lindsey Schill - I Still Can't Sing...Part II
5) Andy Schroeder - Gay Cockroaches
6) Katrina - Buttsex, Anyone?* (or Thunderstorms)
7) Andy Schroeder - Gay Beatles
8) Jesse Wozniak - A P.S.A for the R.I.A.A.
9) Ben Lane - College Life 101
10) Q - Are You There, God? It's Me, Q*
11) Dave Murry - Dr. Suess was a Virgin
12) Josh Ebener - The Eagle Song
13) Tom Willoby - Amazing-Boy Saves the Day
14) Neil Van Gorger - Filled with Syrupy, Fruity Jelly...Fuck No! Filled with Rage You Fuckin' Piece of Whore Shit
15) Puke Tingel - Rimjobs-A-Plenty*
* Special Andy-Note: The pieces denoted with the special "Power-Symbol" (asterisk) are those pieces in which Andy was given the job of comming up with titles for, but the Non-Andy titles are there sometimes there in parenthesis because whatever.
Friday, October 10th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Andy
Order: Tim

1) Russ & TimTim - Soundcheck
2) Andy Schroeder - The Child Pornographer Sketch
3) Tim Pieper - St. Augustine's Ghastly Fraternity Desecration
4) Nich Johnson - Infomercial
5) Hector Gonzalez Martinez - Amigo Love
6) Jesse Scott Genesius Wozniak - Here's a piece of found art for you, you pretentious fucking assholes
7) Pamela - Ouch! My Erection! (actually untitled)
8) Myquakie - My Talky & Me!
9) Michael Tabor - I Like to Play Sports
10) Jesse Wozniak - My Name is Jesse, and I have 3 black friends, So I Can Use the Word "Nigger."

Friday, October 24th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements - Jesse Wozniak
Order - Luke Pingel

1) Tim Boucher - 4 All of Time
2) Jesse Wozniak - Dude, Where's my Boner?
3) Jeff "He's Single, Ladies!!!" Johnson - Halloween Party
4) Joel Z - The Non-Q Suicide Monologue (You Know It's True)
5) Q - The Redeamer Makes Better Toilet Paper Than the Legacy, But Just Barely
6) Q - My Duckie Underpants
7) The Audience - Applause
8) Nick Johnson - Not So Superman
9) Tim Pieper - Sweet Vespers
10) Pamela - I'm a Jewish Nazi, Bitch
11) Luke Pingel - Writing Laina
12) Clifford Bodgett - Roommates
13) Tim Tim - The Reason I Believe In God
14) Jesse Wozniak - Dinosaurs! Protesters History's Rappers Dinosaurs First Rappers Part 2, Charlie's Angels' Revenge
15) Neil Van Gorder - T.V. Good Times
16) Tim Boucher - Justin Timberlake Sucks Ass
17) Andrew J. Schroeder - Penis, Anyone?

Friday, November 7th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Andy Schroder
Order: Q

1. Tim Boucher - A Demonstration of Old School Felching
2. Ben Layne - It's Hard to Keep It in the Closet When It Looks This Good
3. Brent Nichols - Jennifer
4. Q - Sweet Jazz Farts
5. Andrew J. Schroeder - Grope-Bot-A-Go-Go
6. Nick Johnson - Nick Johnson Presents: I Was Too Lazy to Write Something
7. Tom Willoughby - Fourth of July
8. Pam DeYoung - Pamtastic Ejastic!
9. Neil Van Gorder - What She Was Doodling on the Notepad-You Got That Right? Right. A Pretty Bikini Ride. That's Right
10. Luke Pingel - St. Patrick's Eve 2003: Gary Burton Live at Chicago Symphony Hall
11. Michael Tabor - Michael Tabor Colon Asshole
12. Tim Pieper - I Sure Hope No One Takes a Cat Nap During This Piece About My Cat

Friday, November 21st, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Sarah West
Order: Tim Pieper

1. The Audience - Applause
2. Jesse Wozniak with Howard Zimmerle on the Jam Box - Stick This In Your Pipe and Smoke It, You Goddamn Hippes
3. Nick Johnson - Don't Worry About Me, Worry About Yourselves
4. Jeff Lenhart - Robespierre
5. Andy Schroeder and Jesse Wozniak - Convoy of Love or Trucker Slut Wanda Gets Gangbanged
6. Howard Zimmerle - Stop Being Such a Baby
7. Sarah West - My Favorite Color is Rainbow
8. Mike Collet - So Intoxicated
9. Tim Pieper - Hip-Hop
10. Andy Schroeder - The Mysterious Secrets of Plan B
11. Pete Feltman - The Student Teaching Blues
12. Clifford Blodgett and Ryan Wickham - Not the Greatest, But the Bestest
13. Grant Tracey - Overtures
14. Neil Van Gorder - Milk Mustaches, Cow Meat, The Latin Robot Will Change Your Heart
15. Luke Pingel - It's Practice Time!

photos Friday, December 5th, 2003 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
[Neil Van Gorder's farewell show.]

Announcements: Luke Pingel
Order: Neil Van Gorder

1. Tim Boucher - In My Life
1.5 Andy Schroeder and Neil Van Gorder - Robots 4 Ever
2. Josh Goodrich - Finally, The Rock Has Come Back to No Shame Theatre! No , Even Better! It's Goody!
3. Jeff Johnson - Back on Track, Beatin' the Flack, During the Day the Sky is Blue and At Night It's Dark
4. Q - Mrs. Butterworth and Bob Parlocha Present
5. Tim Pieper - The Super-Mega Soap Opera Show
6. Jud Gruber - An Entirely Fictitious Open Letter to the Elderly Russian Men Who Live In My Head and Argue About Chess: A Rock Opera
7. Fedge, Steevo, and Mikey - Awesome Monkey-Face, Rock On
8. (Nick Johnson [arranged by]) - Coffins for Vincent Starrett
9. Andy Schroeder - Two Passion Playas
10. Jesse Wozniak - Canus et Lupus, Volume II: The Awakening
11. Tom Willoughby - Creative Help! Help! My Foot Is On Fire!
12. Chris McGahan - I Hate
13. Katie Johnson - It's a Second Grader's Christmas
14. Luke Pingel - Imitation of Art
15. Neil Van Gorder - Dominatrixes of Glass, and The Secret Individual Reaches Out and Touches Someone

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