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Board of Directors for Spring 2002
Luke Pingel
Neil Van Gorder
Jesse Wozniak
Howard Zimmerle
Josh Goodrich - head of publicity


Friday, January 25th, 2002 - [Parliamentary Room of the Communication Arts Center]
The first No Shame of the semester
1. Howard Zimmerle - The Hand Job, Part Deux or So It's Come to This, a No Shame Sequel
2. Katie Frederick-Schector - Poem
3. Keith Baedke - Do You Remember
4. Courtney Clausen - The Lost Childhood
5. Josh Goodrich - The Return of Weekend News
6. Pete Feltman - God's Thoughts on Love
7. Howard Zimmerle - Spin
8. Robin Corsburg - Stand Up Comedy
9. Katie Frederick-Schector - The Dyke Chorale
10. Bridget Eggers - Two Shorts
11. Neil Van Gorder - This is Going to Suck Balls
12. Dave Murray - Poem
13. Jeff Lenhart and Luke Pingel - The Snuggly Brothers
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Luke Pingel]

Friday, February 8th, 2002 - [Parliamentary Room of the Communication Arts Center]
1) Howard Zimmerle - Storytime Wif Mo Styles
(Performed by Howard Zimmerle, Becca Waggoner, ??, ??.)
2) Jesse Wozniak - The New, but Not Necessarily Improved, No Shame News
(Performed by Jesse W., Howie Z., Jeff L., Peter F., Q, Mike W., Tim P., Sean Rohret, Luke P.)
3) Keith Baedke - My Pet Fish
(Performed by Keith B)
4) Jeff Lenhart - In Your Face, It's Space
(Performed by Jeff L, and Jesse W.)
5) Jesse Wozniak - The Party Programme
(Performed by Jesse W.)
6) Q - the catfish crusader recruting song and an ode to you
(Performed by ???)
7) Pete Feltman - Paterneus at Filius
(Performed by Pete F.)
8) Elysia Hansel - The Doctor
(Performed by Elysia H.)
9) Dave Murray - Deconstruction
(Performed by Dave M.)
10) Tim Pieper - 4th Grade Memory #27A
(Performed by Tim P., and Sean Rohret)
11) Josh Goodrich - I May Look Like John Belushi, but he Doesn't Perform Half as Well as I Do in Bed
(Performed by Josh G.)
12) Neil Van Gorder and Luke Pingel - Rip the Tits Off Your Favorite Chick
(Performed by Neil V.G. and Luke P.)
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Jesse Wozniak]

Friday, February 22nd, 2002 - [Parliamentary Room of the Communication Arts Center]
1. Howard Zimmerle and Mike Collet - The Mo Styles Show
2. Jess Rafoth - time traveling on green upholstery
3. Tim Pieper - Room For Imporov-Ment
(Performed by Tim Pieper and Sean Rohret)
4. Jesse Wozniak - Jimmy McLuck:The Lucky Boy Who Had Luck at Everything. Luckily.
5. Q - the mind of a criminal
6. Janie Flowers - just janie
7. Elysia Hansel - poemmmm
8. Jeff Lenhart - the long haired individual
9. Katie Frederick-Schector - two poems (fiona do tell? and an apology)
10. Jesse Wozniak - God Does Bless America
11. Cody Daigle - my life
(Performed by Josh Goodrich)
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Q]

Friday, March 8th, 2002 - [Parliamentary Room of the Communication Arts Center]
1. Jesse Wozniak - Symphony of the Road
(Woz, Pete Feltman, Luke Pingel, Q, Keith Baedke, Jeff Lenhart, Tim Pieper)
2. Jeff Lenhart - The Cussing Tree
(Jeff L, Woz, Luke P, Bridget Eggers)
3. Keith Baedke - Hold Me Close
(Keith B)
4. Q - Five Minutes of Pure Hell
5. Nate Nelson - The Office
(Nate N, Derek Easton, Joe Link)
6. Tim Pieper - Granny Introduction Scene, Stage Version
(Tim Pieper, Sean Rohret, Elysia Hansel)
7. Pete Feltman - Reflective Song
(Pete F)
8. Elysia Hansel - Two Ridiculous Moments of Elysia
9. Katie Frederick-Schector - Open, Synecdoche and Crazy Stoopid
(Katie F-S)
10. Sarah Zwick-Tapley - Petra Pan
(Sarah Z-T)
11. Jesse Wozniak - I'm Well Aware of the Color of My Skin
12. Neil Van Gorder - A Roman Patrician's Vagina
13. Luke Pingel - It's Winter Outside
(Luke P)
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Luke Pingel]

Friday, April 5th, 2002 - [Parliamentary Room of the Communication Arts Center]
1. Bridget Eggers - It Began With a Nipple (Bridget E and B.J. Endelman)
2. Courtney Clausen - Betrayal (Courtney C)
3. Q - Q's Return to No Shame Theatre (Q)
4. Justin and Amber - Bruises and Scars (Justin and Amber)
5. Howard Zimmerle - Random Symphony or You Bought it on Laserdisc (a multitude of people conducted by Howard Z)
6. Pete Feltman - July 14, 2001 (Pete F)
7. Josh Fitkin - Simply Josh (Josh F)
8. Gretchen Carter - The Quirky Grandma (Gretchen C)
9. Jeff Lenhart - Playing With Tennis Jeff (Jeff L)
10. Katie Frederick-Schector - Poem (Katie F-S)
11. Howard Zimmerle - A New Low (Howard Z, Jesse Wozniak, Bridget E, Jeff L, Jeff Dorothy)
12. Dave Murray - If I Have Time (Dave M)
12.5 Elysia Hansel - Polished Before and After (Elysia H)
13. Jesse Wozniak - An Ode to Beer and Other Life Affirming Substances (Woz)
14. Jess Rafoth - Poem (Jess R)
15. Luke Pingel - Henry Rollins Will Chew Off Your Testicles (Luke P)
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Luke Pingel]

Friday, April 19th, 2002 - [Parliamentary Room of the Communication Arts Center]
1. Jeff Lenhart - The museum of toothbrushes and people, in that order
2. Joel Zummak - What to do?
3. Howard Zimmerle - Howard's Final Skit
4. Mike Collet - Mike's Encounter
5. Pete Feltman - Ode on 456
6. Matt Brema - Poem
7. Justin and Amber - Lies
8. Keith Baedke w/Jon Anenson - Something Stupid (Plump)
9. Josh Goodrich and Jesse Wozniak - Ultimate Weekend News
10. Hector Gonzalez-Martinez - Amigo Love
11. Luke Pingel - Only a Play
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Howard Zimmerle]

Since Best of No Shame is going to be in Russell Hall now (RUSSELL HALL, EVERYBODY NOTE!!) we will be starting late to make sure that anybody confused will not be confused and in their rightful space. so look for a 10:15 start time.
Best Of No Shame
Friday, May 3rd, 2002
- [Russell Hall]
1. Howard Zimmerle - A Non-drinking PSA (Howard Z, Jesse Wozniak, Luke Pingel, Neil Van Gorder, Josh Fitkin, Kate Melloy)
2. Keith Baedke - Plump (Keith B)
3. Q and Aaron Konigsmark - Fortune Cookies (Q and Aaron K)
4. Elysia Hansel - Little Date Sestina and A Poem for Laura (Elysia H)
5. Neil Van Gorder - The Greatest Treasure of the Whole Fair (NVG)
6. Grant Tracey - Dragonflies (Grant T)
7. Tim Pieper - 4th Grade Memory #27A (Tim P, Shawn Rohret, Elysia H)
8. Dave Murray - Deconstruction (Dave M)
9. Josh Fitkin - Fresh Scents (Josh F)
10. Pete Feltman - Untitled (Pete F)
11. Sarah Zwick-Tapley - Petra Pan (Sarah Z-T)
12. Katie Frederick-Schector - Open Synecdoche and Crazy Stoopid (Katie F-S)
13. Jesse Wozniak - A Seduction (Woz, Chelsea Lechwar)
14. Josh Goodrich - Domino's Pizza Challenge (Josh G, Becca Wagoner)
15. Jeff Lenhart - The Little Titanic (Jeff L)
16. Luke Pingel - Jerky for the Brain (Luke P)
"I want to congratulate everyone on a fantastic finale to what was a great year of No Shame. We had about 220 audience members in Russell Hall, which I never could have expected. Every single act was awesome. Keep writing over the summer and spread the word of No Shame!" --Luke [SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Luke Pingel]


We are having our first ever Summer No Shame on Saturday night June 1. It will be outside in the Strayer-Wood/CAC courtyard at 7:30 PM.

Saturday, June 1st, 2002 - [Strayer-Wood/CAC courtyard]
7:30 p.m.
1. Iago Gonzalez - University of Nothing Important
(performed by approximately 20 performers - Q, Luke P., Kelly ?, Neil V.G., ????)
2. Ben Layne - Amazing Fantasy
(performed by Ben Layne, Nate Nelson, Luke Pingel, Steve Shelton)
3. Jeff Lenhart - William Gruff
(performed by Jeff Lenhart, Neil V.G.)
4. Howard Zimmerle - Little Miss "Too Good to Eat Her Own Feces"
(performed by Howard Z., Dixie Roberts)
5. Q - Q's Serial # 1
(performed by Q)
6. Neil Van Gorder - Slobberin' Sam: The Hot Lickety Eat a Plastic Egg Game
(performed by Neil V.G., Jeff Lenhart.)
7. Luke Pingel - Cluckety Cluck! Fishin' with Old Man Rickert
(performed by Luke P.)
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Neil Van Gorder]

Saturday, August 3rd, 2002 - [Strayer-Wood/CAC courtyard]
7:30 p.m.
1. Jeff Lenhart - Cusco Peru
(Jeff L, Neil Van Gorder)
2. Ryan Toppin - The Wallaby Story
(Ryan T, Lance LaRue)
3. Todd Ristau - Mortichi Krable
(Lance L)
4. Neil Van Gorder - Viva La France
5. Luke Pingel - The Insecure-Secure Girl
(Luke P)
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Luke Pingel]

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