No Shame Theatre Archives (2002-2003)

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Author(s) - Title (Performers, if known)

Board of Directors for Fall 2002
Luke Pingel
Neil Van Gorder
Jesse Wozniak
Jeff Lenhart
Josh Goodrich - head of publicity


Friday, September 6th, 2002 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
first No Shame of the semester
1. Josh Goodrich - Your Ass is Grass and I'm Smokin' It
(Josh G)
2. Jess Wozniak, Ashley Feht and Sarah West - Beating a Dead Horse, and I Mean That in the Least Sexual Way Possible
(Woz, Ashley F and Sarah W)
3. Katie Frederick-Schector - 2 Poems
(Katie F-S)
4. Jeff Lenhart - The Coolest Squirrel in Bittle Bittle
(Jeff L, Neil Van Gorder, Becca Wagoner, Luke Pingel and Q)
5. Clint Clark - Deer Impression
(Clint C)
6. Pete Feltman - Indifference
(Pete F)
7. Elysia Hansel - College: Do I Miss It or Not?
(Elysia H)
8. Dave Murray - In 350 Words or Less
(Dave M)
9. Emily Krawczuk - Fuck the Propaganda
(Emily K)
10. Katie Johnson - Flamingo Day
(Katie J)
11. Q - Nazi Boots for Santa Claus
(Q and Gretchen Carter)
12. Luke Pingel - The Butthole Crusades
(Luke P, Josh G, and Stacy Lane)
13. Neil Van Gorder - Lights Out: The Golden Age
(NVG, Mike Collet)

Friday, September 20th, 2002 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
1. Jesse Wozniak - The New No Styles Show
(Woz, Mike Collet, Jeff Lenhart)
2. Jeff Lenhart - The Long Haired Individual and the Case of the Laughing Mosquito
(Jeff L, Luke Pingel)
3. Iago Gonzales - A Public Service Catfish Announcement
4. Josh Goodrich - Joy Flamingo: Driver's Ed Instructor For Hire
(Josh G, Derek Easton)
5. Elysia Hansel - Cars: Stand-Up
(Elysia H)
6. Josh Viznapu - Uninvited
7. Katie Johnson - Walt's Outhouse
(Katie J)
8. Emily Krawczuk - Harvest
(Emily K)
9. Jesse Wozniak - 2 Poems
10. Luke Pingel - The Butthole Crusades: Part 2
(Luke P, Jeff L, Josh G, Woz)
11. Neil Van Gorder - Scene From the Region of Spain
(NVG, Woz, Sarah Reinhardt)

Friday, October 4th, 2002 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
1. Jeff Lenhart and Josh Goodrich - Viet Cong
(Jeff L and Josh G)
2. Jesse Wozniak - No Shame News: Back Up In Yo Ass, Muthafucka
(Woz, Luke Pingel, Jeff L, Josh G)
3. Aaron Konigsmark, Julie Donut, Josh McGrane and Bill Gongolpenis - To Be Announced
(Aaron K, Julie D, Josh M, Bill G)
4. Tom Fagerholm - Woogedy Woogedy
(Tom F, Q)
5. Clint Clark - Deer Finds a Mate
(Clint C, Lindsey Zeutenhorst)
6. Jeff Johnson - Trivia
(Jeff J)
7. Jesse Wozniak - Poem
8. Katie Johnson - Mouse Skin Rug
(Katie J)
9. Elysia Hansel - Hypochondriac Season
(Elysia H)
10. Q - Big Mama Q, He'll Make it Better
11. Luke Pingel - Sugar
(Luke P)

Friday, October 18th, 2002 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
1) Mike Collett - Performance art in the Swiss Alps
(Mike Collett)
2) Jeff Lenhart - The Dave Song
(Jeff Lenhart)
3) Robin Corsberg - Sittin' in the audience
(R. Corsberg)
4) Q - Lipsmakin' Booty
(Q, Tom, Megan)
5) Sarah West - "A Poem"
(S. West)
6) Jesse Wozniak - Johnny McLuck, The Lucky Boy Who Was Even Luckier Than Jimmy McLuck, Luckily
(J. Wozniak, J. Lenhart, Neil Van Gorder)
7) Pete Feltman - Funeral
(P. Feltman)
8) Tim Pieper - An Editorial Rant by Some Guy
(T. Pieper, ?)
9) Elysia Hansel - Popsicles
(E. Hansel)
10) Neil Van Gorder - Action Schmaction
(N. Van Gorder)
11) Mike Collet (as arranged by Jesse Wozniak) - Project Boy Band: How Darren's Dance Grooves Saved My Life A poem
(M. Collet, J. Wozniak)

Friday, November 1st, 2002 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
1. Jeff Lenhart - Mount Everest
(Jeff L, Luke Pingel, Ashley Feht, Tim Pieper)
2. Q - Nazi Boots for Santa Claus
(Ryan Wiggum, Sarah Noll, Sarah West, Tom Fagerholm)
3. Pete Feltman - Reflection
(Pete F)
4. Sarah West - The Smokin' Stud
(Sarah W)
5. Nick Johnson - Untitled
(Nick J)
6. Mr. Catfish Himself, Iago Gonzales - A Catfish Tribute to William Shatner
(Q, Robert Franz)
7. James Erwin - Get Down On Your Fucking Knees, You Miserable Wretches, For I Bring You Theatre
(Neil Van Gorder)
8. Luke Pingel - Fishin Again With Old Man Rickert
(Luke P)

Friday, November 15th, 2002 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]
1. Nick Johnson - Random Printing
(Nick J)
2. Sean Nitchmann - What Bill Johnson Taught Me
(Derek Easton)
3. Joel Zummak - Stuff That Annoys the Shit Out of Me
(Joel Z)
4. Jesse Wozniak - The Family Tree
(J. Wo)
5. Katie Johnson - The Hornet Incident
(Katie J)
6. Jeff Lenhart - Irons and Chickens
(Jeff L)
7. Sarah Tabers - My Response to the Conservative Right
(Sarah T)
8. Tim Pieper - We're All Made of Stars
(Tim P, Shawn Rehret, Jeff L)
9. Nathan Nelson - Local News
(Nate N)
10. Dave Murray - Debut
(Dave M)
11. Sarah West - True Story
(Sarah W)
12. Jesse Woznak - The Procreative Adventures of Jim, The Laser Wart Removal Repair Technician
(Becca Wagoner, Tim P, J.Wo)
13. Neil Van Gorder - The Tail End of the Animal
14. Luke Pingel - Textures
(Bryant Duffy, Sarah Reinhardt)

Friday, December 13th, 2002 - [CAC, Parliamentary Room]

Announcements: Luke Pingel
Order: Jeff Lenhart

1. Bridget Eggers - Cigarette Confession; Sexposé
(Bridget E)
2. The Repressionistic Cult of Barbara - Is This the Line for the Bathroom?
(Judd Gruber, Tim Pieper, Jeff L)
3. Q - Q Goes to Hell
(Q, Derek Easton, Chase Cheviron, Joel Zummak, Nick Johnson, Elijah Westwater, ???)
4. Jeff Johnson - Christmas Party
(Jeff J)
5. Nick Johnson - People
(Nick J)
6. Pete Feltman - July 14, 2001
(Pete F)
7. Katie Johnson - Wilkins' Apples
(Katie J)
8. Emily Krawczuk - Fuck the Propaganda, Part 2
(Emily K)
9. Jeff Lenhart - My Name is Ludwig Scrubs
(Jeff L)
10. Joel Zummak - A No Shame Christmas Card
(Joel Z)
11. Elijah Westwater - Poem
(Elijah W)
12. Jason Nebergall and Andy Schroeder - Analysis of Social Boundaries Within th Paradigm of Small-Label Popular Recorded Music: A Discourse on Rock and Loud Musics
(Andy S)
13. Sarah West and Ashley Feht - The Patriots
14. Jesse Wozniak - If You're Hungry, Alice's Restaurant is Still Open
15. Luke Pingel - Starting From Scratch; Consciousness; Shades of Lori
(Luke P)

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