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Best of No Shame - April 25, 2003

These were posters that I commissioned Matt Montag, a friend at ISU, to design. We did actually post about 5 of each around campus to advertise for Best Of last year with the hope of generating interest for the mysterious by using a subversive sort of advertising. I remember we talked about also having "real" posters around, though I have no idea if that actually happened. --Andy
"Andey Shrader: World Renown Scientist" [84k] [496k - PDF]
"Dr. Geoff Lienhard: Marriage Counselor / Spirit Guidance" [80k] [1M - PDF]
"Jessie Wasneak: a comedian - but he sucks" [84k] [1.3M - PDF]
"Lukas Pingòl: Trance Master" [92k] [336k - PDF]
"Mike Q. Fraenz: Word Master / Literature Reader" [96k] [308k - PDF]