No Shame Theatre

Carrboro, North Carolina

(est. 2012)

The Orders

Starts February 24th

Fridays @ 10:30 p.m.

The ArtsCenter
300-G East Main Street

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No Shame Theatre is a place where anything can happen... and usually does. No Shame Theatre is a forum for original stage performance work.

Starting in 2012, The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC will be hosting it's very own No Shame. This once a month, late night show is for performers of all stripes, shapes and persuasions. The ArtsCenter is joining theaters in Virginia, Georgia, Texas, Iowa, Oregon, Nevada, California, Tennessee, and even North Carolina! (Asheville) which all host current No Shames.

All are welcome! Playwrights, actors, jugglers, magicians, poets, tap dancers, comedians, musicians, storytellers, belly dancers, monologists, film makers, singers, bands, comedy duos, performance artists..and all sorts of pieces from script in hand pieces or memorized, funny, musical, dramatic, puppetry, dance, bad, weird, or just what the hell, all styles of performance are welcome!

No Shame is a place where writers, audience, and performers constantly change roles throughout the evening.

There are only three rules:

1. All pieces must be original
2. You can't break anything (the stage, the audience, yourself, the law, etc.)
3. All pieces must be under 5 minutes

Usually, the program contains approximately fifteen pieces. The pieces are not censored in any way, which leads to a fantastic mix of comedy, performance art, emotional drama, terrific music and more that is rarely seen in more conventional theatre.

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The ArtsCenter
300-G East Main Street
Carrboro, NC 27510

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