No Shame Theatre Archives (2005)

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Friday, February 4, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Host: Shannon McCormick
Venue: Hideout Upstairs
Order taker: Heather

1. Squishy by Sharla. Erotica read outloud.
2. The time my dad went to Mexico and almost got his glasses stolen by Jericho Thorp. Storytelling about a drunken mishap south of the border.
3. A monologue by Larry Pontius
4. Theatrical Pistol Scenario by Lubu McJohnson
5. Maximum Insertion by Smarty Pants. He inserts his entire body inside an enormous balloon blown up by a leaf blower.
6. A wordless song aka I can't believe I've already had this much to drink already tonight by Shannon McCormick. He asks audience to suggest a genre of music from a particular country. He get Thai and then sings gibberish anglo-styled Thai pop.
7. The Standing Dead by David Toscano
8. Theatrical Pistol #2 by Lubu McJohnson
9. Unemployed by Valerie Kay. Looking through the want ads, she deciphers what they are actually looking for beyond the lingo.
10. The wages of procrastination is more slack time by Tommy Vasquez. He reads from a journal thoughts on what he should do for No Shame, but never does.
11. Theatrical Pistol #3 by Lubu McJohnson
12. Ghost hat the hat ghost by Shannon McCormick. The borrowed Tom Waits CD has now changed into Blood Money.

Friday, February 11, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Host: Mr. Smarty Pants
Venue: Hideout Upstairs

1. Intro by Smarty Pants
2. Reception Theory by Heather Barfield. With music and a camera, she positions the audience as subject of the piece.
3. Stop in the name of love by David Toscano A man tries to acquire appropriate non-fetish porn for a bachelor party.
4. Balloon Fun by Smarty Pants. The title says it all, doesn't it?
5. Working without a Net by Tommy Vasquez. He reads from a journal of thoughts about what to perform for No Shame.
6. 5 Things by Kerri Lendo. Things she will and will not do for Valentine's Day.
7. Let the Buyer Beware by Bryan Roberts
8. Spam of the Week by Binton Frankly. A nasty email message send him into a flurry of stress. How did they know he needs to help getting it up?
9. Accessory to an ostrich murder by Jericho Thorp. A storytelling adventure of West Texas ostrich handling.
10. You can't say goodbye without candy by Smarty Pants. A give away of chocolates and lollipops as thanks to participants.

Friday, February 18, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Friday, February 25, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Next No Shame is in April...

Friday, April 1, 2005 - [The Hideout]
1.Stand up or be understood - David Toscano
2.Hosea - James McGuffy
3. Songs by Brian Pittman
4.Internet Hoax - Larry Pontius
5.Fourth and Long - Bryan Roberts
6.Keeping the Streak Alive - Tommy Vasquez
7.And Here's - Patton Quinn
8.Sanity has left the building - David Toscano
9.There go our dinner plans now that my feeding tube has been removed - Smarty Pants
10.Ghost Hat the Hat Ghost #21 - Shannon McCormick

Friday, April 8, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Friday, April 15, 2005 - [The Hideout]

photos Friday, April 22, 2005 - [The Hideout]
Hosted by David Toscano
1. Six Questions - James McGuffee & The Plurals
2. Animal Translatior: Part One - C.J. Allen
3. Blame it on His Parents - Bryan Roberts
4. Outing Isaiah - James McGuffee
5. Feldman and Roy's Amazing Guide to the World of Knowldege - The Plurals
6. Cloud Strife - David Toscano
7. Tap Solo - Tommy Vasquez
8. Chairman of the Board - The Sicks
9. Poetry by Jessica Akin
10. To Steal a Theme from McGuffee - David Toscano
11. Meet...Tina - Patton Quinn
and then we went to the bar.
Friday, April 29, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Hosted by Shannon McCormick

1. Legless Cheetah - Shannon McCormick
2. Star Wars Sucks - Noah
3. A Reading from the Book of Sin - Jamina Gonzales de Luna Azul a.k.a. That Woman on MySpace
4. Bravo's Tango - David Toscano
5. Songs by Bobby & The Rangers
6. Reservoir Puppies - James McGuffee
7. excerpt from Hobbled - Odin's House
8. The Great Blow Pop suck-off - Amie Elyn
9. Sorrow: Part II - Big Poppa E
10. BI-OTCH - Bob & Mo
11. Raybamamia Chasm - Alexander Corelli
12. Songs by John
13. Legless Cheetah(remix) - LuBu McJohnson
14. The Adventures of Ghost Hat, the Hat Ghost ..23 - Shannon McCormick

Friday, May 6, 2005 - [The Hideout]
1. To the girl in the pink dress (who emceed the Blow Pop Contest) - James and Noah
2. Bryans Vulvacious experience - James McGuffee
3. The Great South Austin halistorm of "75" - Jamina Gonzalez de Luna Azul a.k.a "That woman" on myspace
4. The Devil's Blowjob - Bryan Roberts
5. Songs by Bobby and the Raiders
6. The three greatest love scenes from cinematic history - Kerri Lendo vs. Bryan Roberts
7. The Lord of the Breakfast Club - Big Poppa E
8. Mental Breakdown- Tommy Vasquez
9. Nothing- Victoria
10. Maced - David Toscano
11. The Amateur Series - Devon
12. Feel the Burn - Kerri Lendo and Lisa Delarious
13. The Adventures of Ghost Hat the Hat Ghost ..24 - Shannon McCormick

Friday, May 13, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Holy cow! What an awesome show. Standing room only. As Braden said, "It broke my stokeometer!"

1 "The System Works, In Theory," by David Toscano
2 "Live," by DZasterous Bitch
3 "Name less," by Bob Apthorpe
4 "The Amateur Series of Uneventful Fortunes: The Introduction," by Delby
5 "Doggerel," by Laurie Ann Poole
6 "Illegal Lines," by Inaki Vidauri
7 "The Legend og the Pink Sugar Cookies," by Janina Gonzalez de Luna Azul
8 "Rehearsal," by the Plurals (erroneously announced as "We Don's Need Another Hero")
9 "Special Threads," by Regina Yunker
10 An excerpt from "Hobbled," by Odin's House
11 "Happy Pills," by James and Noah
12 "Qual cor tradisti, qual cor perdisti?" by Kim Polini
13 "Psychedelic Molecular Shi," by Bryan Roberts
14 "What's All the Croaking About?" by Michael Garcia
15 "Walking Club," by the Latino Comedy Project
16 "Dungeons and Dragons," by James McGufee
17 "The Adventures of Ghost Hat, the Hat Ghost, ..25," by Shannon McCormick

Friday, May 20, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Hosted by Tommy Vasquez

1. "Happy Time Pool Party" - Janina Gonzalez de Luna Azul A.K.A. "That Woman on MySpace
2. Songs by Bobby & The Rangers feat. Scotty
3. "Harold Angel" - David Toscano
4. "Collective Thoughts" - Victoria
5. "Jedi Knight takes Count Dooku" - David Toscano
6. "Thoughts from underneath a Port-o-potty" - Tommy Vasquez
7. "The Offer: Month of May" - Bryan Roberts/David Toscano
For those of you who weren't there, we actually got locked out of the upstage theatre, and a show was going on downstairs. But we pulled though and did the show right there in front of the Hideout on that little stage thing they've got. A true testament to the lack of shame that exists in both our performers and audience!

P.S. - Sorry if I messed up your title and/or name, I'm going strictly off of memory. ---Bryan/LuBu

Friday, May 27, 2005 - [The Hideout]

1. Intergalactic by Salvage Vanguard Theater [radio play]
2. Summer Break by McGuffee
3. Where the Foxes Do Dig Their Holes by Pamela [nice musical piece]
4. Supernatural Disguise Guy Presents Peanut Butter by Delby
5. Sea of Love by Jessica [Lampooning burlesque and in such a playful way - awesome!]
6. Make it So You Punk Ass Bitch Ass Punk Bitch Ass by Bryan Roberts
7. Icky Hair by Charlotte [monologue]
8. The End of a Very Long Race by CJ Allen and Andy Pereira
9. Chairs and Trampolines by Adam
10. Interview by Patton Quinn [The return of Camel-Toe Tina]
11. Anal Sex @ Starbucks by Liz (the guest curator, btw)
12. The Liberated Soul by David Trachtenberg
13. Sith Happens by Noah and Stuart
14. Manifestation by Tommy Vasquez
15. Bad Poetry Hour by Victoria and Company
16. Win Lincoln or Douglas by the Plurals
17. Beer Bong for m' Lady by Jill Morris
18. Bryan Roberts No Shame Attorney by Smarty Pants
19. Iron and Wine by Bearded Lamb
20. Ghost Hat and Bobby Sing
LBO/SBO: Dr. McGuffee

Next No Shame is in July...

Friday, July 1, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Friday, July 8, 2005 - [The Hideout]

1. Sunday Night 2AM - Bryan Roberts(adapted from a work by David Toscano)
2. Going Out - Victoria
3. Evil Twin - Rico Corelli

Friday, July 15, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Friday, July 22, 2005 - [The Hideout]
Hosted by Shannon McCormick
1. The Sicks - "Interrogators"
2. David Toscano - "Ok, This is Horribly Pointless"
3. James McGuffee - "Therapy"
4. Smarty Pants - "A Monolouge by Evil Knievel; October 24th, 1976"
5. Bryan Roberts - "Infinity Negative Consequenses"
6. Michael Hanson - "Ill have to think of one, Check Back in a Minute, I'm Sure I'll Have Thought of One by Then"
7. Victoria - "What's Happening Now"
8. Patton Quinn - "Monolouge of a Fairy"
9. David Toscano - "Because it Definitely Ain't Readily Available"
10. Shannon McCormick - "The Adventures of Ghost Hat the Hat Ghost - Part 27"

Friday, July 29, 2005 - [The Hideout]
Hosted by Bryan Roberts
1. James McGuffee - "The Key is Always Shinier on The Other Side"
2. Peter Rogers - "The Trip Goes Array"
3. Bryan Roberts - "My Dear Julie"
4. Tommy Vasquez - "Crap"
5. Pattendo Entertainment System(Patton Quinn & Kerri Lendo) - "Fall Fashion Show"
6. Dr. Galapagos - "Dr. Galapagos"
7. Jeremy Neal - "Tootsie Pop"
8. LuBu McJohnson - "Get the Fuck Out"

Friday, August 5, 2005 - [The Hideout]
Hosted by James McGuffee
1. "The J. Danforth Quayle Invitational Spelling Bee" by McGuffee
2. "It Came From the Adult Video Megaplexxx" by James Ashe
3. "It's in the Mo'fuggin Timing" by David Toscano
4. "Inferno" by Bryan Roberts
5. "Napoleon" by Big Poppa E
6. "Business Planning" by Peter Rogers
7. "The Script" by David Toscano
8. "Patrick Piece 2" by Patrick Aziz
9. "The Original Notebook Guy" by Tommy Vasquez
10. "The Adventures of Spirit Cap the Cap Spirit - A Completely Original Idea" by Lubu McJohnson

Friday, August 12, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Friday, August 19, 2005 - [The Hideout]

Friday, August 26, 2005 - [The Hideout]
1. "Some New Jokes" by Patton Quinn
2. "Bryan Loves the Cock" by Adam Hilton
3. "Trapped in the Closet, Part 1" by R. Kelley
4. "Psy-Chick" by Bryan Roberts
5. "Closer to the Heart" by Big Poppa E
6. "How Was Your Date?" by Dr. McGuffee
7. "Ode to a Briefcase" by Maggie
8. "Notebook Guy and and, James, Think of Something Quick" by Tommy Vasquez
9. "Trapped in the Closet, Part 2" by R. Kelley
10. "The Adventures of Ghost Hat the Hat Ghost Part 26" by Shannon McCormick
Order taken by James McGuffee
Friday, October 7, 2005 - [The Hideout]
Overall very good. Short list: 6 pieces. Me as GH, a Tommy piece, an Amie piece, the return of Michael Joplin, the Plurals, and a McGuffee. The Plurals broke the stage. Ask them about it. ---Shannon

photos Friday, October 14, 2005 - [The Hideout]
1. Excerpts from the Gospels: Temptation - James McGuffee
2. Go Team - Kerri Lendo
3. O'Malee's Finest - The Plurals
4. Dancing in Sheets - The Pattendo Entertainment System
5. Something From My Dining Room - Amie Elyn
6. Death - Patton "The General" Quinn
7. Advanced Creative Writing - Bryan Roberts
8. Ghost Hat the Hat Ghost: Part 30 - Shannon McCormick

Friday, October 21, 2005 - [The Hideout]
1. (actually 0) I am Naught - Just Victoria
2. Teachings of Jesus - James McGuffee & Mary Schmich (sic)
3. Celebrities - Kerri Lendo
4. Book - Patton Quinn
5. Threshold of Comprehension - Bryan Roberts
6. My Name is Nathan - The Plurals
7. Low Down & Dirty Bluesman - Tommy Vasquez
8. Just Aaron - Aaron
9. A Di-o-logue - Patendo Entertainment System
10. Cease & Desist - A Stranger!
Thanks guys for making hosting fun. For me. Braden fucking hated every minute of it. But what do you really expect from that guy. Yeah, we kinda didn't know what we were doing too much and sorry we couldn't make it out for drinks/hanging out. I have to say, though, that I was trying to think of a way to publicly embarass my mom and just couldn't think of a funny way to work it in. So Patton, with your remark about wanting to have sex without a condom to Braden and I and have twins by each of us, I thank you. Huzzah! ---Adam Hilton
Friday, October 28, 2005 - [The Hideout]
Final show at the Hideout

No Shame moves to a new location - The Stash - at a new time - 9:00 p.m. - A production of The Righteous Idiots
...and Admission is now FREE!

Holiday Extravaganza
Friday, December 2, 2005
- [The Stash]
First No Shame at the Stash!
0 - Paradise Lost?

Announcements and Order

1. Alright I'll Do Something by That Woman Janina

2. The Time My Brother Vomitted by Jericho

3. Sapphire Steel, Part 1 by Bryan Roberts

4. Passive Aggressive Artist by Ratgirl

5. I don't have anything prepared but I'm going to perform anyway by Tommy Vasquez

6. Lick it Off Bryan by Dr. McGuffee

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