No Shame Theatre Archives (2003)

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Friday, January 17th, 2003 - [The Hideout]
0. Order and announcements by Shannon McCormick.

1. Rene Pinnell - Julia Thompson: A Case Study

2. Courtney Hopkin - He Comes To Take His Stuff, Which She Asked Him To Take Earlier That Day By Courtney Hopkin
(Performed by Courtney Hopkin and Brandon Salinas. Sketch)
3. Alexandra M - The Loving Unknown
(Performed by Alexandra M. Poem)
4. Lisa Talev - Pretty Bone
(Performed by Lisa Talev. Song)
5. Madeline Lavrentjev - Moment of Truth
(Performed by Madeline Lavrentjev. Performance art.)
6. Brandon Salinas - The Interview
(Performed by Brandon Salinas, with audience particiption from Ken and Lorie Marsh. Improv sketch)
7. Shannon McCormick - Little Elephant Leg
(Performed by Shannon McCormick. Monologue)

[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Shannon]

Friday, February 7th, 2003 - [The Hideout]
0. Announcements and Order by Shannon McCormick

1. J.R. Nutt - J.R. Nutt

(Performed by J.R. Nutt. stand-up routine/monologue)
2. Jericho Thorp - Mistletoe Bill and the Fiddle-dee Tree
(Performed by Jericho Thorp. monologue)
3. Kate Caldwell - The Man in My Life
(Performed by Kate Caldwell. Monologue)
4. Eirik Ott and Hilary Thomas - Haiku Death Match
(Performed by Eirik Ott and Hilary Thomas. Poetry contest)
5. Ron ??? - Safer Sexy
(Performed by Ron ??? monologue)
6. Dr. Marcus Willoughby - A Word from Doctor Marcus Willoughby
(Performed by Dr. Marcus Willoghby, with audience volunteers Hilary Thomas, Jericho Thorp and Courtney Hopkin. old-time medicine show/magic act.)
7. Eirik Ott - Coming Out of the Closet
(Performed by Eirik Ott. performance poem.)
8. Shannon McCormick - You Gotta
(Performed by Shannon McCormick. Monologue)
Thanks to Amie Elyn for doing box office, Courtney Hopkin and Jericho Thorp for various house manager kinds of assistance, and Dano Johnson and Kyle Henry for battling vainly against the video projector. Your help is much appreciated.

I should mention here that two items were announced at the top of the order that had to be dropped because of uncooperative video equipment. Those pieces were Puppetry Show does Julius Caesar, by Puppetry Show, and The Look of Pressure, by Dana Garner. Let's hope we get them into a future show.

[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Shannon McCormick]

Friday, February 21st, 2003 - [The Hideout]
Big thanks to Jeremy Lamb, Bob Apthorpe, and Rene Pinnell in helping get the video equipment set up. I ran lights along with Rene, and Rene ran the video and sound. Our lovely host this evening was Jobber Ratgirl. The ever intrepid Amie Elyn was our box office technician. Did I miss anyone? ---Shannon

Anuncmens: Shanin Makormik is in Cumplicitli Yers at de Blu Feateh fur de nex tu wekens; Ratgirl has uh nu acing troop cawuled Sperm Garden; Jobber's stoogie wiw bi in de Scawelette Lettuh at de Boretex opinink in tu wekes

1. Jobber Ratgirl - Mi nu Ac
(faiwled stan-up cumedi)
2. Pupet Chow - Pupet Chow
(vidio wif pupets)
3. Germi Lam - U Wer Always On Mu Mine
(vidio game reinacment)
4. Alisun Boles - I am uh femeniss
5. Chad w/vulunteres Maduhlin, Ratgirl an Jobber Ratgirl - Spiduh
(cunfusing skit)
6. Ratgirl - Hamstuh: Uh Play fowuh Smawul Aminals
(Shakspewean munulug)
7. J.R. Butt - J.R. Butt(#2)
(cumedic storiteling)
8. Dana - De Luk ov Preshur
(blak an wite vidio)
9. Maduhlin - Fist
(dweem reinacment)
9. Shanin Makormik - Bwainchile: A Munulug fowuh Shanin Makormik
10. de Elebator Art Progec - Elebator Art
(dokumentery vidio)
11. Jobber Ratgirl - Gud Frens
(Kayt wif de help uv 2 acters an lite holing gi; weeding of a skit skrip)
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Jobber Ratgirl]

Friday, March 21st, 2003 - [The Hideout]
0. Order and announcements by Shannon McCormick.

1. Puppet Show - Return of Puppet Show

2. Amanda Stripe - The Glass Age
(Performed by Amanda Stripe. music performance)
3. Eirik Ott - The Double Glass Doors of Your Heart
(Performed by Eirik Ott. poem)
4. Jeremy Lamb - Brad Vitters
(Performed by Jeremy Lamb. monologue)
5. Mike D'Alonzo and Shannon McCormick - Shando and Mikey Meet the Werewolf
(Performed by Mike D'Alonzo and Shannon McCormick. comedy sketch)
6. Smarty Pants - Johhny, Don't You Think You Should Be Doing Your Homework Instead of Looking at that Pornography
(Performed by Smarty Pants with audience assistance from Hilary Thomas and Eirik Ott. magic trick performance)
7. Shannon McCormick - Pinwheels
(Performed by Shannon McCormick. mini-monologue)

[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Shannon McCormick]

No Shame Goes To War
Saturday, March 22nd, 2003
- [The Hideout]
Pay what you can; proceeds benefit Adopt-a-Minefield.
0. Order and such by Shannon McCormick.

1. Jeff Goode - Suicide Bomber

(Performed by Cheryl Green.)
2. Mike D'Alonzo - Love It Or Leave It
(Performed by Mike D'Alonzo.)
3. Jeff Amos - Debut
(Performed by Jeff Amos.)
4. Madeleine Lavrentjev - It's Not Who's Right, It's Only Who's Left
(Performed by Madeleine Lavrentjev.)
5. Adam Hahn - The Long Couch
(Performed by Jordan Maxwell, Jeff Amos, Jillian Johnston, Kate Caldwell, and Keely Williams.)
6. Jordan T. Maxwell - Eveybody's Wrong About Everything
(Performed by Jordan T. Maxwell.)
7. Joshua James - I Am America
(Performed by Jonathan Morrow, Kate Caldwell, Keely Williams and Wetzel Parker.)
8. Jeremy Lamb - Lenny Bruce's Adolf Eichmann
(Performed by Jeremy Lamb.)
9. Jeff Goode - Anger Box
(Performed by Mitch Baker.)
10. Shannon McCormick - A Mostly Improvised, Not Written Down, Never To Be Recorded For Posterity (Except For in the Title of this Piece) Piece, Wherein I Offer a Nuanced Take on Some Recent Events Affecting Our Republic
(Performed by Shannon McCormick.)

[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Shannon McCormick]

Friday, April 4th, 2003 - [The Hideout]
0. Order and announcements by Shannon McCormick.

1. Rene Pinnell - Elevator Art, Part Two

2. Taylor Maddux and Ellen Kolsto - Ode to Recitative
(Performed by Taylor Maddux and Ellen Kolsto. Music/dance piece)
3. Richard Vong - Sharing
(Performed by Richard Vong; Monologue)
4. Stephen Baley - Reading Poems That Nobody Gets Before a Watchful Eye That Knows I Am Full of It
(Performed by Stephen Baley. Poems)
5. Lowell Bartholomee - Untitled Monologue
(Performed by Shannon McCormick. monologue)
6. Zara Steadman - Superstore
(Performed by Tom LaGatta, Louis Garcia, Edith Whitsitte, Lilana Wofsdy. sketch)
7. The Artist Formerly Known as Smarty Pants - Getting Ahead in Business
(Performed by Smarty Pants and the Lovely Dena. magic trick performance piece)
8. Rebecca Goodstein - Sharing
(Performed by Rebecca Goodstein. monologue)
9. Mitch Baker - Where Do Babies Come From?
(Performed by Mitch Baker and David Bewley. comedy sketch)
10. Will Furgeson - Desperator
(Performed by Will Furgeson. monologue)
11. Temsy Chen - It Is 11:30 PM This Is My No Shame Piece for My Playwriting Class TD 315
(Performed by Temsy Chen. monologue)
12. Cheryl Green - I Really Fucking Hate Computers
(Performed by Cheryl Green; Monologue)
13. Stepehn Pan - Bunghole Deluxe
(Performed by Stephen Pan. song)
14. Shannon McCormick - Whispering Coat
(Performed by Shannon McCormick, Taylor Maddux, Madeleine Lavrentjev, Hilary Thomas, Mitch Baker, and Ellen Kolsto. mini-piece)

[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Shannon McCormick]

Friday, April 18th, 2003 - [The Hideout]
0. Order and announcements by Shannon McCormick.

1. Rene Pinnell - Elevator Art Club, Part Three

2. Jeffry Chaffin - Ungirlfriendable
(Performed by Jeffry Chaffin, Shannon McCormick, Hilary Thomas, and Lance Cawthon. scene)
3. Kyle Kabel - Albany is Upstate
(Performed by Kyle Kabel and Michale Perry. song)
4. Jonathan Rosenberg - Jonathan's First Time
(Performed by Jonathan Rosenberg. poetry)
5. Shannon McCormick - Alcohol
(Performed by Shannon McCormick. performance art)
6. Eirik Ott - Chain Record Store Blues
(Performed by Eirik Ott. monologue)
7. Rene Pinnell - Minnie Mouse and Pinnochio Go To Town
(audio installation)

[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Shannon McCormick]

Friday, May 2nd, 2003 - [The Hideout]
0. Order and announcements by Shannon McCormick.

1. C. Tanner Minnis - Magdalena

(Performed by Lisa Magliola. monologue)
2. Nick Reed - The Great Pizza Dilemma
(Performed by ???? and ????. scene)
3. Stephen Baley - Lake Travis, Burma Shave
(Performed by Stephen Baley. poems)
4. Ryan Ross - Jack and Peter
(Performed by Nick Reed and ????. scene)
5. Jonathan Rosenberg - Just Trying to Scratch Himself in Public
(Performed by Jonathan Rosenberg. monologue)
6. Tom LaGatta and Josh Hug - My Sister
(Performed by Tom LaGatta, Josh Hug, and ????. sketch)
7. Shannon McCormick - Purple with Some Hebrew on It
(Performed by Shannon McCormick and Madeline Lavrentjev. dance piece)
8. Judy Chao - Kz My Kingdom
(Performed by Jonathan Rosenberg, ????, ????, ????, and ????. scene)
9. Ellen Stader - Backwards in Highheels
(Performed by Ellen Stader. dance)
10. Jamie Lee - Admission
(Performed by ????, and ????. scene)
11. Judy Chao - Two Character Scene
(Performed by ????, and ????. scene)
12. the Elevator Art Club - And From These Triumphant Adventures
(Performed by Rene Pinnell, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Patrick Healy. performance art)
13. Smarty Pants - Making Stuff with Smarty Pants
(Performed by Smarty Pants. cool trick performance)
14. Patrick Healy - How To for the Nose Flute
(Performed by Patrick Healy. song)
15. Lilana Wofsey - A Few Readings in Honor of No Pants Day
(Performed by Lilana Wofsey. letters)
16. Shannon McCormick - The Peoples' Republic of Hugging Vampires: A Shando and Mikey Adventure
(Performed by Shannon McCormick and Mike D'Alonzo. sketch)

[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Shannon McCormick]

special Out of Bounds No Shame
Friday, September 26th, 2003
- [The Hideout]
This Friday, there is an extra-special No Shame Theatre that you have to attend. If not, I'll put you on my list of not nice people. And we all know what happens to not nice people. They get hit by ambulances rushing little puppies to animal hospitals. You don't want that to happen to you, do you?

So once again, there's a No Shame this Friday. It's special because a) you will be there being nice, and b) it's part of the Out of Bounds Improv Comedy Festival and Miniature Golf Tournament. We'll have performers from all over the state and beyond, but there will also be plenty of spots those of you who aren't already performing in the festival. And your participation in No Shame will entitle you to compete in the Miniature Golf tournament on Saturday.

So, I hope you've got material to perform. Or maybe you just want to come check out the show. That would be groovy as well, because I have a feeling it's going to be a really good one.

Friday, September 26
12:00 p.m. (script submission begins at 11:30)
The Hideout, 617 Congress

[SOURCE: announcement posted on web message board by Shannon McCormick]

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