No Shame Theatre Archives (2002)

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Saturday, January 19th, 2002 - [The Hideout]

"We had 60 people last show, 11 pieces, and a whole bunch of new faces. Word is spreading." ---Shannon

0. Order and announcements by Shannon McCormick. Shows announced are Gnap # 1 as a piece in FronteraFest, and Caroline Sutton and Ellen Bartel's Mass Maximum at the Blue Theater, among other things.

1. Brett Webster - No Shame Documentary

2. Cory Ryan - Riding High
3. Michael Graham - Mickey Kitty
4. Maggie Estep - The Sex Goddess of the Western World
5. Taylor Maddux - Radio Yoga
6. Gook - 2002: A Gook Odyssey
7. Excerpts from Stitch.
8. Ratgirl - Santa Paws
9. Amie Elyn - Laugh, Damn You
10. Ann Mabry - Going Down
11. Michael Joplin - The Brown Sound

Starting next month, No Shame will move to Fridays at 11 (just like everywhere else in the country, yeehah).

photos Friday, February 15th, 2002 - [The Hideout]
This Friday marks the official beginning of Ace Manning's tenure as No Shame House Manager.

1. John Powell - Your Soul for Only 8.99 per Minute
(J Powell.)
[J performs advertisement/monologue about phone sex with a Wookie; comedy performance]
2. Mike D'Alonzo - Immutable Truth
(M D'Alonzo.)
[M tells us about the two truths in his life, both of which involve cunnilingus; comedic monologue]
3. Rattie Nation - My Art
(Rattie Nation (Vanity Fairy? (Amie Elyn) and Ratgirl).)
[Rattie Nation raps about the difference between their art and yours; musical performance]
4. Elizabeth Doss - A Work in Progress
(E Doss.)
[E displays a special talent; special talent performance]
5. Maggie Bell - My Mother
(M Bell.)
[M reads poem about her mother, who has recently donated a kidney; poetry]
6. Heather Barfield - Strike!
(H Barfield.)
[H creates pins out of cucumbers, a bowling ball out of a cantaloupe and bowls a strike; performance art]
7. Jeff Amos - Orgiastic Bombardment of Cells, a.k.a. an excerpt from my one-man show 'The History of Things'
(J Amos)
[J performs song from his one-man show; musical performance]
8. Shelly Miller - Public Confession
(S Miller.)
[S relates how she never sent sympathy banner to Texas A-&-M after their bonfire tragedy, solicits advice about what she should do with it; public confession]
9. Marty Pants - Marty Pants
(M Pants with assistance from audience volunteers Y Kittles, E Doss and J Powell.)
[M performs magic with special coloring book, then levitates with help of audience volunteers; comedic magic performance]
10. Shannon McCormick (based on material supplied by Amy McCurdy) - The Dream Life of Frostie Cribbs
(A McCurdy.)
[A performs monologue based on dreams; monologue]
11. Jordan T. Maxwell - Sigilance, Part 1, I Want to Be a Superhero
(J Maxwell.)
[J explains sigils and gets audience to help him create one for next month's show; performance art]
12. Megan Gogerty - Biography and Time Travel-Excerpts from my New Play
(M Gogerty.)
[M performs bit from her upcoming play, time travel is invoked and explained; play excerpt]
13. David Huskey - La Vida Loca
(D Huskey.)
[D is forced into uncontrollable spasms by Ricky Martin's La Vida Loca; comedy performance]
14. Travis Holmes - The Liz Phair Scene
(T Holmes and two people I don't know.)
[T and woman are record store employees sizing up a customer's purchase of all of Liz Phair's albums at one time; drama/comedy sketch]
15. Catch 24 - Led Zepplin IV
(Y Kittles and M Joplin.)
[A couple moving in with each other go through a minor spat when Y doesn't recognize Led Zepplin IV, Jimmy Carter, or vegetables; comedy sketch]
16. Randy Minnow (not really) - Return of Evil
(S McCormick, Evil Jobber Ratgirl, Evil Ratgirl, and Special Guest (Ellen Kolsto).)
[S gets up to do lame monologues, is interrupted by the Evil Ratgirls, who do awful improve comedy, who are interrupted by Special Guest who forms new No Shame Freedom coalition or some such; comedy performance(s)]

Friday, March 22nd, 2002 - [The Hideout]
0. Order and announcements by Shannon McCormick. Shows announced are Soul Fantastic at Le Pivilege. Shelly Miller also announces what she did with her giant sympathy card for Texas A -&- M that she talked about in February.

1. Michael Graham - Jesus and Mary Magdalene: the Real Story

2. Alexandara ???? - Poetry
3. the Evil Ratgirls - Evil Manifesto
4. The Austin's Men's Club - The Audition
5. Slutty Swan - Lover Obituary
6. Bob Apthorpe - An Historical Accident
7. Tommy Vasquez and Alexandra ???? - The Church at No Shame
8. Jordan T. Maxwell - Sygilance, Part II, the Wizards Have Landed

9. Dave Lopez - Melons
10. Big Stooge - Big Stooge's Lament

Friday, April 19th, 2002 - [The Hideout]
Our one-year anniversary
0. Order and announcements by Shannon McCormick. Shows announced are Catch 24's Different Forms of Bread, and Buzz Moran's Kung Fu Masterpiece Theater, among other things.

1. Julie Strycker - Erotic Aquatics

2. the Evil Ratgirls - Rats-Evil Enter
3. Alexandra M??? - Too Much Coffee Girl/Poem
4. Brandon Salinas - The Rapist and the Murderer
5. Tommy Vasquez - I Don't Know
6. Shana Merlin - I'm Talking, But You're Not Listening
7. Amy McCurdy and Kacey Samiee - The Blues
8. Jordan T. Maxwell - The Reverend's Rules of Propaganda
9. Heather Barfield - Ode to My Pussy
10. Jeff Amos - Afebu
11. Shannon McCormick - We Shall Meet Again

Friday, May 17th, 2002 - [The Hideout]

1. Julie Strycker - Today's Special
2. Shannon McCormick - Mitch the Pooch, Part 1
3. Megan Knotz - Small Talk Stinks
4. Michael Joplin and Mike D'Alonzo - Motivational Magic with the IBM Selectric II Typewriter, Correcting
5. Andy Fisher - Uncle Wife
6. Bill Stern - Solo's Lament
7. Shannon McCormick - Mitch the Pooch, Part 2
8. Gook - Sugar Toes Sells Out
9. Stooge - The Charlie Rose Show With Stooge Sitting in for Charlie Rose
10. Jeremy Lamb and Chelsea Gilman - The Grandest Life of All: The Live Animation Piece
11. Shannon McCormick - Mitch the Pooch, Part 3

[SOURCE: pieces mentioned in reviews on web message board]

Friday, June 14th, 2002 - [The Hideout]
0. Order and announcements by Shannon McCormick, and a free ticket given away to Salvage Vanguard's Intergalactic Nemesis.

1. Ann Mabry - Slump!

(Performed by Ann Mabry.)
[Ann, wearing a shirt which reads "Improv Comic" asks for suggestions from the audience. Shannon McCormick throws an egg at her. Regardless of what the audience actually suggests, she says "Thank you..." and then a lame, vulgar, always shouted out suggestion-- i.e. "Proctologist." (Comedy performance)]
2. Bob Apthorpe (kind of) - An Anecdote on Dramatic Criticism
(Performed by Bob Apthorpe.)
[Bob reads an anecdote from a book on the history of burlesque, wherein 19th Century citizens of Chicago beat the crap out of a local critic. (Not-sure-what-kind of-performance?)]
3. David Trachtenberg - Breezin'
(Performed by David Trachtenberg, Alyson Shultz, and Jazzy Jay.)
[To two different tunes by George Benson, Dave feels either blue and lonely or flirtatiously shy when Alyson enters. Some dude intervenes and the cycle repeats. (comedy sketch)]
4. Jordan T. Maxwell - Big Dog and My Least Favorite Thing
(Perfromed by Jordan T. Maxwell.)
[Jordan tells of a beloved pair of boxer shorts, now destroyed, and his trip to the mall to replace them. (Monologue)]
5. Madeline Lavrentjev - Please Hold
(Performed by Madeline Lavrentjev.)
[Madeline is put on hold while using her cell phone. She gradually begins to rock out to the music played while she's waiting to speak to her party. (Solo performance/dance piece)]
6. Evil Big - Top Drawer
(Performed by Evil Big (kind of), evil Ratgirl, and Evil (Jobber) Ratgirl.)
[The Evil Ratgirls draft a letter to the BBC, threatening to blow it up or gas it, to prove that they are in fact really, truly evil. (Comedy sketch)]
7. Marty Pants - The Return of Marty Pants
(Performed by Marty Pants including two audience volunteers--??? and Lauren Tietz.)
[Mr. Pants does some magic, including the Helmets of Mentalism. (Magic act)]

Friday, July 19th, 2002 - [The Hideout]

"It was sweet that no shame was packed. It was also not sweet that no shame was PACKED. I realize that we got screwed out of the main stage and that's what sucked the most. As far as the performances, I thought it was a really sweet night. ---Bill

"I had a lot of fun last night even thought things were kind of chaotic and it was hot as balls and a lot of pieces ran long. But it did have that awesome No Shame energy so I didn't mind so much." ---Shannon

[* Asterisked pieces were part of This Experiment People are Talking About.]

Kacey Samiee (our lightboard ops, as always)
Brandyn DeCecco and Mel Franke (box)
Shelly Miller, Ed Piston, Jeremy Lamb, and Chelsea Gilman (various hands and helps)

photos Friday, August 16th, 2002 - [The Hideout]
0. Order and announcements by Shannon McCormick.
1. Sally and Sara Pelow - Date Rape in Wonderland
2. Lisa Talev - Crashing Down
3. Shannon McCormick - You Couldn't Call?
4. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang - Bi-Bi La Boop's Song
5. Travis Holmes - I Hate You Too, Sweetie
6. Brandon Salinas - Doomed To Fail
7. Jordan T. Maxwell - Oedipus, Live at Colonus
8. Shannon McCormick - What Is So Great About Colorado?
9. David Lopez - Letter to Loretta
10. Todd Ristau - I Was There
11. Font Fantastic (Jon Benner), MC Steel (Michael Joplin) and Dollar Bill Stern (Bill Stern) - The Glockenspiel
11.5 Solomon - [untitled rap]
[Last minute addition of some guy from the audience named Solomon who wanted to rap. Solomon with Steel and Square on beatbox (rap performance).]
12. Madeline Lavrentjev - Dirty Salad

Friday, September 13th, 2002 - [The Hideout - downstairs on the big stage]
[Order missing. Possibly complete list, in no particular order:]
Friday, October 18th, 2002 - [The Hideout]
Well, I was pretty surprised to see that only 4 (four!) people signed up to perform at the No Shame. On the other hand, the house was about 3/4 full, so the four acts that did go on had a decent audience.
  • Brandon Salinas - [title unknown]
  • Kitty Kitty Bang Bang did a piece called 'Tassles on Parade.'
  • Smarty Pants and Miss Dena did a magic show with an audience volunteer.
  • Janina Gonzalez de Luna-Azul did a piece about being a performance artist.

  • Friday, November 22nd, 2002 - [The Hideout]
    0. Order and announcements by Shannon McCormick. Shows announced are Ratgirl's Holy Rockin' Christmas and Wicked Cricket Dance Theater's Dance-Along Nutcracker.

    1. the Ratgirls - Ratgirls in Guatemalan Sweatshop

    2. Timothy Verret - Dog Days
    3. the Fundamental Group - Poof
    4. David Huskey - Hoop Dreams
    5. Shakey and Stompy - Shakey and Stompy Present "In All the Wrong Places"
    6. Genevieve Van Cleve - Miss Kemple: School Nurse
    7. Amy Cone - The Intricacy of Uuuuuum
    8. Smarty Pants - Smarty Pants Presents His Second Favorite Thing to do Using His Left Hand
    9. Lauren Tietz and Jennifer Tietz - Laundry
    10. Shakey and Stompy - Shakey and Stompy Present "Flight of the Marshmallow"
    11. Madeline Lavrentjev and Aaron Taylor - La Dolce Ensalata
    12. Shannon McCormick - Legless Cheetah

    Staff for this show:
    Lights and Sound: Shana Merlin and Jon Bownds
    Box Office: Amie Elyn
    House Manager: Jason Callahan, Andrea Young with help from ????

    Friday, December 20th, 2002 - [The Hideout]
    [order incomplete:]

    MISCELLANEOUS PIECES - [2001-2002]:

    [Dates unknown:]

    On November 26, 2002, on the web message board, Shannon McCormick mentions these pieces as being among his "Favorite No Shame Pieces of All Time" (but we have no idea when they were performed):

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